You Can Now Rent the Latest Photoshop Instead of Buying It

Earlier this week Adobe launched a new subscription-based model for their Creative Suite line of software products. The program ordinarily costs $699, but a yearly subscription costs $420 and gives you access to the latest version. You can also subscribe for a monthly fee of $49 if you need the program on a short term basis. While this won’t be very enticing for heavy users of the programs who can just save money by buying and upgrading, renting is a good option for anyone who needs the latest Photoshop on a as-needed basis.

Subscription editions (via CrunchGear)

Image credit: Illustration by Digital Inspiration

  • patrick


  • John V. Keogh

    Still far too expensive. Graphic Converter or Pixelmator cost less than a month’s rental of PS5.

  • Robert Agthe

    Hahahahaha. Adobe, their funny

  • Robert Agthe

    Hahahahaha. Adobe, their funny

  • br

    who the hell would do that?

  • Dana Weise

    A student who doesn’t have the money to buy a full licensed version.

  • Mouring

    This program would cost more than if they bought a license under the educational discount. Na.. This isn’t targeting students. It is closer to the company that needs photoshop or indesign 2 months out of the year and 4 months of service is way cheaper than buying them and paying upgrade fees.

  • Davie

    and who doesn’t know how to torrent…I mean use their student discount

  • Henrik Carlsson

    Don’t they have a 30-day trial?

  • Dana Weise

    Ah, alright I stand corrected. But in any case totally agree it is cheaper for certain individuals.

  • Dana Weise

    True, I’m aware people use other methods (if you’re still torrenting perhaps switching to direct upload/download would be better) anyyyy way- yes student discounts are good.

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  • FenGar

    This is cool and all, I’m just not sure I, or anyone I know, would have a use for a Photoshop subscription that costs this much. If they need something more powerful than a standard paint program and the images are designed to be viewed on a monitor (RGB color model) then I’ll usually recommend they take a look at the Gimp.

    The Gimp is significantly cheaper, they’ve got upgrades too. Initial cost is $0 (yearly subscription is $0). They update often and if you want to get the latest version you’re going to have to fork over $0. There are plenty of plugins around, some costing as much as $0!

    There are some things the Gimp can’t do, primarily designing production-quality images for CMYK print purposes. For almost everything else the Gimp can do it.