35mm Cropper Lets You See the World Through the Rule of Thirds

Here’s a neat necklace for photo geeks — it’s a 35mm “cropper” that you can use to see what a scene would look like in a photograph. There’s even rule of thirds lines built into it. They’re handmade, crafted in Korea, and cost $49 over on Etsy. If you want an equally geeky tool without paying such a ridiculous price, you can punch the film out of a 35mm slide and use that.

mijonju Etsy Shop (via

  • Anonymous

    The DIY version doesn’t have the lines, which I think would be relatively easy to do.

    I wonder how much of this Korean product is actually hand made, the metal and cel look like maybe they’re machine made.

  • chris costello

    or hit live view on your camera for the same thing…

  • Greg Nuspel

    It’s the knot that’s hand made :-)

  • mijonju

    wow, thanks :) and i was wondering why people started buying them away from my shop :) thanks buddy :)