iPhone 5 Rumored to Pack an 8MP Sensor Made by Sony

If you think the 5-megapixel sensor found on the iPhone 4 is good, wait till you see the camera found on the next iPhone — it’s reportedly going to be a 8-megapixel sensor made by Sony. The Street wrote back in 2010 that the next version of the iPhone to arrive in 2011 would pack an 8-megapixel Sony sensor rather than the 5-megapixel OmniVision one found in the current phone, and Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer seems to have confirmed that today in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Early on, [Stringer] raised the irony of Sony supplying camera components for Apple devices. It “always puzzles me,” he said. “Why would I make Apple the best camera?”

It is unclear what devices he was talking about as Sony isn’t known to supply key camera components, known as image sensors, to Apple; A Sony spokeswoman declined to comment and an Apple spokesperson couldn’t be reached for comment. [#]

Now if only they could find a way to put some amazing glass on the phone also…

(via 9to5 Mac)

Image credit: Sony NEX-5 Mount by pabuk

  • Justin Javellana

    8mp on a phone? I guess they’re trying to sucker those who’ve never heard of the megapixel myth into buying one.

  • Simon Hucko

    yeah, ’cause obviously moar megapixels is better.

    thanks for contributing to the insanity, guys.

  • Mal

    Even though megapixels mean stuff all, other smart phones already have larger megapixel counts than the current iPhone. Eg. The HTC Desire HD has 8mp sensor already.

  • Charter Bus VA

    Here is Latest News

    As sure as the sun will rise, an iPhone 5 obviously has to follow an iPhone 4. We know it’s getting closer to Apple’s ritual of launching the device in summer when rumors start hitting us with full force. The latest tidbit about the iPhone 5 incorporating a Sony camera sensor can probably be put down to more than gossip though.

    9To5Mac reports that the slip came from Howard Stringer as he spoke with Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg. The Sony CEO started talking about the company’s camera image sensor facility in Sendai, Japan being struck by the recent tsunami and earthquake. Apparently, the inadvertent flow of information also hinted at consequential delays in dispatching sensors to companies like Apple.

  • Guessed

    “If you think the 5-megapixel sensor found on the iPhone 4 is good”
    No, oddly enough, I don’t.

  • Guessed

    “If you think the 5-megapixel sensor found on the iPhone 4 is good”
    No, oddly enough, I don’t.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    I wonder when 4k vid would hit the phones.

  • bri

    I’m gonna file this under “who cares”

  • Joakim Bergquist

    Well I guess the SONY Ericsson Xperia X10 has had that same 8mp sensor for over at year now. With 720p video and AF etc. Superb camera. Don’t know wich camera the Xperia Arc uses though.

  • Jean

    That’s true but the quality of the photos isn’t quite as good. IDK …

  • Jean

    It’s just another excuse for Apple to keep iphones ridiculously overpriced. If they add amazing glass to it, can you IMAGINE how steep the price increase would be? I think that at the prices they demand right now, the glass and the camera should be better!

  • Bryan

    i agree where the the glass
    but im still going to get one