Build Your Own Working Cardboard Hasselblad Pinhole Camera

You can now build you own version of the cardboard Hasselblad pinhole camera that we featured a couple days ago. Kelly Angood has released a PDF with the template and detailed instructions for putting the pieces together. The finished product is a working pinhole camera that takes 120 35mm film.

Here’s an instructional video showing the build process:

Kelly is also going to be publishing photos of finished cameras on a Tumblr page dedicated to the project.

Pinhole Hasselblad PDF

  • Howie

    Those look like 35mm film cannisters to me not 120 roll film…

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  • Aloyalreader

    not for publication
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  • Apple nicnuy

    It’s great!!! Thanks for sharing :D

  • Dtrembold

    what iso film is appropriate for the given exposures?

  • Dtrembold

    nevermind, it’s 200 in case anyone else missed it

  • Hikariumemori

    I hate it!!! It’s so boring to watch and complicaed!!!