Use Your iPhone as a Free Hot Shoe Mounted Light Meter

Have an older camera that doesn’t have a built-in light meter? Instead of buying an expensive light meter, you can download the Pocket Light Meter app for free if you have an iPhone. What’s more, you can even mount it to your camera’s hot shoe if you don’t mind looking uber-geeky while shooting. Nigel over at phototinker wrote a tutorial for creating the iPhone hot shoe holder shown above.

iPhone hotshoe holder (via Make)

  • Anonymous

    Please stop posting these ridiculous DIY lame-o hacks. Who the hell is going to stick their iPhone on top of an old wack camera like that?

  • DDeGroot39

    I just tried to download this app, unfortunately it doesn’t work on the iPhone3G, it requires an iPhone that has the built-in video camera

  • Andrew Kreps

    It should be noted that the iPhone above is acting as a reflective light meter, much like the internal camera meter would. One of the “expensive” light meters will also give you an incident reading. My light meter, by the way, cost less than my iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s interesting, if you’re into toying with vintage cameras. When camera companies start offering built-in metering?

  • Joakim Fjeldli

    Iphone 4 only..

  • Elias

    I have that app, and it’s only semi-accurate. I only use it when I don’t have anything else available. Usually it’s within a stop or so, but yeah, just get a real handheld light meter. You’ll not only look more professional, but you’ll have incident reading capabilities, and more accurate readings.

  • Alphamale

    This is ****ing stupid. I am unfollowing petapixel. Thanks for absolutely nothing over the last year.

  • Dv41d666

    It’s hardly free, it just an app for yet another over priced POS from Apple

  • Clever Sobriquet

    Damn, photography people don’t seem to have a sense of humor.

  • Bob Bowne


  • ohho

    One more Light Meter Free: