Faking Smoke Photos with a Plastic Bag

In his series “Elastic” photographer Edi Yang shows that you can fake smoke photography by shooting plastic bags a certain way. What you need is a strong backlight and some post-processing mojo.

Best of all, there’s no risk of accidentally setting off your smoke detector!

Image credits: Photographs by Edi Yang

  • Zak Henry

    Elegant, but still looks like a plastic bag

  • Susie

    that does NOT look like smoke… it looks like a body part.. yuck!

  • Per Karlsson

    Doesn’t look like smoke.

  • Paul Cook

    Not sure it looks too much like smoke (maybe a bit of added blur needed?). Nice effect though!

  • Lennart

    I agree, it looks very cool but I wouldn’t mistake it for smoke.

    By the way your first name means ‘bag’ in Dutch :P

  • Paul Cook

    Body part? Haha! What did YOU have in mind? Haha

  • Andrew Saleh

    It’s pretty, but it does not look like smoke.

  • Michael Zhang

    Here’s one that it slightly resembles:

  • Letsbengoshi

    I think that telling people, by announcing, that this was a plastic bag right up front likely influences people to say, “That doesn’t look like smoke.” Had this been presented as “Cool, Blue Smoke Images Captured,” then. . . done the “reveal” at the end of the article, more people would’ve gone, “Whoa. Cool.”

    Or not. Just my 2 cents.

  • Anon

    If the “reveal” was done at the end, then my first thought when looking at the images would have been “How did they get smoke to look like a plastic bag?”

  • Zak Henry

    Really…don’t know what to think about that

  • Anon

    Agreed, the images were posted in reverse there.

  • Jim

    No offense, but looks like photos of plastic bags to me.

  • Anonymous

    It my not look like smoke but they are great photos.

  • Franz Taptanium

    I guess it wouldn’t look so much like a plastic bag if we wouldn’t know it is a plastic bag ;) very creative stuff!

  • Marc van der Veen

    Great photo’s, even if it’s not actuallly resembling smoke 100%, doesn’t need to imho ;) Did he cut the background out of the image by the way or did I miss something?

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  • Koke Momo

    Very pretty… But like so many others I agree that it doesn’t look anything like smoke.
    Even if they did not post the plastic bag I would not think it would look like smoke.
    It’s still very plastic-y and the grooves alone make it look like something else, as to what that something else is- I don’t know. Not necessarily a plastic bag.
    Again very pretty though.

  • Antony

    I suspect that if we saw these images overlaid onto an appropriate context they may look a lot more convincing. But as they stand it’s interesting, but its not what it said on the tin!

  • 4MYBB

    i think if we don’t know what he shoot at first time and see only effect of what he shoot and he tell us it’s smoke we have to believe it’s smoke

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  • Jock

    Smoke does not have those kind of wrinkles which are present in these images of the bag. Its very obviously not smoke and looks nothing like smoke…… go to Google and type smoke pictures and compare for yourself.

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