Forget Photography Promo Mailers, It’s All About 43-Foot Banners on Bridges

Photographer Danny Cohen does things a little differently than most. Wanting to work for photographer David LaChapelle, Cohen eschewed all the boring old methods of self-promotion and opted to plaster a 43-foot sign on a bridge in Melbourne the night before LaChapelle was scheduled to shoot there. The banner read “ATTN: DAVID LACHAPELLE I WANT TO BE YOUR ASSISTANT .COM”.

Cohen received a call from LaChapelle within an hour of the renowned photographer seeing the banner. (via A Photography Blog)

  • lloyd

    nowhere does it say he got a job. just contact. im guessing ‘i hate you, you ruind the shoot i was going to do, k thx’

  • Anonymous

    How many hundreds of thousands of people did he annoy to get that contact? Will this encourage other aspiring photographers to be even more annoying?

  • Anonymous

    Who needs talent when you have money?

  • KMyer

    What does it have to do with money?? It’s photocopied sheets of paper stuck to a bridge with flour and water?

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure he spent the day on the set with him and has recently flown to America to talk business.

  • Anonymous

    Free A1 photocopies? Yes dear…

  • KMyer

    They’re like 6 bucks each? Way cheaper than any other promo

  • Dpeartree

    It was brilliantly executed and got great results.

  • CaHi

    Wouldn’t have cost more than $100! Not a bad effort at all :)

  • lol@you

    Aw, you didn’t get a call. Sucked in, hahaha