Average Faces of Women in 40 Countries

What you see here are portraits created by taking photographs of women in 40 different countries and averaging them with Face Research software. It’s not clear how many faces were used for each country, but if you’re thinking that the faces are more beautiful than average, then it might be because attractive faces are generally average. You can also play around with the software yourself, either with existing faces or by uploading your own.

Make an Average (via Laughing Squid)

  • Calkite7

    Yes I was thinking “thinking that the faces are more beautiful than average, then it might be because attractive faces are generally average.”


    Can anyone explain how a country like South Africa which has a black majority population can produce a white average?

  • Faceless Coward

    They are all so HOT.

  • Rodzkie_726

    gorgeous ladies :)

  • Anna

    Because there is such a thing as white people in South Africa like there is diversity in America and England? There’s nothing different about South Africa. Humans of all race and culture exist there!

  • Validemail

    Actually I was thinking that the faces are more ugly than the average.

  • eddie

    they are cool

  • Adeikov

    How can we take the ugly out all together? I mean there is beauty in each face, but there is ugly too in each face. Ugly is sometimes attractive, like a Gargoyle face is rough though not without appeal. 

  • TerryHuggles

    LOL!!! You must be ugly. Just kidding.

  • batman dad

    Read: Black majority, white average.

  • vanessa

    Where are the Native American or aboriginal Australian women? :( You didn’t include everyone!

  • j

    they said in 40 countries, not “ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD”, you idiot

  • Guest

    Why is African American listed as a nationality?

  • harumph

    It’s a clumsy and inaccurate headline. Central Africa and West Africa aren’t countries either, but then they got specific with East Africa and went with Ethiopia.

  • dean800

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  • chiPersei

    So now, someone needs to average the averages to get the average woman of the world. Or at least an average of the above 40 averages.