DIY Viewfinder Created with LEGO Bricks and Spare Parts

This DIY viewfinder was created using LEGO bricks and components from a disposable camera and CD-ROM drive. It adds an optical viewfinder to the Sony NEX-5’s electronic one, providing a view equivalent to a 24mm or 28mm lens, and mounts neatly to the camera via the hot shoe.

Sony sells optical viewfinder attachments as well, but they set you back a whopping $199, or the price of a smaller compact camera. Plus, they don’t have nearly as much character as this LEGO version!

DIY a LEGO viewfinder for Sony NEX (via Engadget)

Image credits: Photographs by Jeffrey Chao and used with permission

  • Anonymous

    It’s a clever mod, and it inspires a solution to a different problem I’ve been having. But still, if you’re that hung up on having a viewfinder, you’re probably best off with an SLR. This thing doesn’t help you with framing at all, and without a reticle showing the framing at different focal lengths, your framing might be way off and you wouldn’t know it.

  • bambang kusmono

    This is very useful for my m4/3 with the autofocus prime lens attached