Fuji FinePix X100 Aperture and Shutter Demo, Preorder Now Available

Fuji’s much anticipated FinePix X100 is now available for preorder over at Adorama for $1,199. Fuji also released the above video showing the camera’s aperture and shutter systems in action. The aperture looks quite round at all f-stops, which should lead to some pretty nice looking bokeh. The shutter sound you hear is the actual shutter’s sound mixed with sound effects from the camera.

(via Photo Rumors)

  • David

    meh. get a leica x1.

  • Eddie Smith

    hopefully you can turn off the stupid sounds, the shutter itself sounds quiet enough
    As for the x1 it’s pretty dated at this point and i’m pretty sure in low light (not even a strength of the M9) this will outperform it

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  • Dada

    99.99% of people who use Leicas take crappy photographs, just look at that hack, Steve Huff.Every single one of his camera reviews on his site has to have the phrase” i like my Leica m9 better..” LOL As if buying a Ferrari would help someone be a better driver. You Leica geeks make me laugh.

  • Anonymous

    How can you be so dismissive of this camera? The Leica X1 doesn’t offer as much value mainly because of the price being asked and lack of viewfinder. The X1 is going to get owned.

  • Tron

    No…if anything, most people make crappy photographs, period. They use Nikon D3s, Canon 5d Mark IIs, CoolPixes and Powershots, and yes, Leicas as well. Sounds like you’re incredulous that someone would spend $200,000 on a Ferrari car and still be a crappy driver, when they could get the same result driving a Honda fit. It doesn’t work that way.

    Buy whatever camera you can afford and what you’re happy using. If it’s an M9 or X1, more power to you.

    That said, this camera looks great, and while the X1 doesn’t interest me, the X100 does. Can’t wait to read some reviews of this thing when it comes out.

  • Dada

    Most people make crappy photographs..and you dont fall under this category? Then if that is the case, by all means, spend the most money to make the most crappy photos..and…all the power to ya. And yes, most ppl use other cameras to make shitty photos cause their not as dumb as to go out and buy a 9000 dollar leica. all the power to ya.

  • Sony is Minolta unfortch

    Meh, go buy one instead of typing it.See if you can afford it.Bet you can’t LOL