Satarii Star Camera Base Makes Cameras Follow Your Every Move

Shooting photos or video remotely may get a whole lot easier if a startup company named Satarii is able to raise enough funding ($20K) for their idea — a camera base called the Satarii Star that automatically keeps the lens pointed at a remote sensor. We could waste our breath explaining how it works and all the different applications it could be useful for, but the video above does quite a good job.

So far they’ve built a functional prototype that they showed off at CES, and raised about half their target funding. If you’d like to jump in on the project, visit their IndieGoGo page here.

Satarii Star Accessory (via Engadget)

  • Zak Henry

    That is awesome, I wonder what the marker is broadcasting. Obviously not visual tracking, RF maybe?

  • Anonymous

    My guess is that it’s IR. I knew engineering students that had a similar idea as a senior project, I don’t remember what happened to it, that was a decade ago.

    Has anyone tracked a “Kickstarter”-type projects to completion? It wasn’t until last year that I’ve heard of people going public to help fund projects like these asking for help in the form of hundreds to thousands of small financial contributions. To be honest, it’s an interesting means of raising funds, but I’m wary of it as well, because it is by nature, mostly people that haven’t in their business enough to have established a reputation worth protecting.

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