The Revl Arc is the World’s First Action Cam with Built-In Image Stabilization


There’s a new action cam on its way to market, and when it arrives it may give GoPro, Sony, and all the rest a serious run for their money. Why? Because this camera, the new Revl Arc, is the world’s first action cam with built-in image stabilization.

Truly a revolutionary bit of camera technology, the back of the Arc is equipped with a motorized gimbal that uses magnets to stabilize your camera as you ski, surf, snowboard, or kite surf your way to butter-smooth footage.

Pair that motorized stabilization with a ton of built-in sensors that inform an electronic stabilization system, and you’ve got a camera that is leaps and bounds smoother than even the best lone GoPro.

Fortunately the Arc doesn’t seem to be a one-trick pony. Its revolutionary stabilization is paired with a 12MP Sony image sensor that enables you to capture 4K footage at 30 fps for up to 90 minutes on a full charge. It can also shoot Full HD 1080p at up to 120 fps, 720p at up to 240 fps, and capture 12MP stills AND 12MP burst.

Finally, the camera is waterproof to 10 feet and drop proof from 10 feet out of the box—no external case required.

Here’s a bit more sample footage:

The Arc is already way overfunded on Indiegogo; in fact, as of this writing, it’s reached 193% of its $50,000 goal. Add to that a recent funding push from startup incubator Y Combinator and you’re almost certain to get a product by the promised December ship date.

The camera will retail for $500 when it finally hits stores, but you can still pick one up for as little as $400 plus shipping if you support the project. Find out more or reserve yours here.

(via Indiegogo via The Verge)