A Look at How Memory Cards are Made

Lexar posted this interesting behind-the-scenes video showing how they make memory cards from start to finish. May the ingenuity and engineering-prowess of man amaze you and cause you to appreciate your memory cards more. Imagine what it would be like to watch this video back in the early 1900s…

(via Imaging Insider)

  • Glenn

    We take so much for granted each time we load a memory card into our camera.
    Thanks for sharing this video

  • Anna

    I have one of those lexar usb drives. Very insightful!

  • RMStringer

    I used to work in Semiconductor industry as a robot tech for Qimonda in Virginia. The fad i worked in made memory as well. We had the same type of robots that this fab has.

  • Ernie

    If this plant is is UTAH why were ALL the workers oriental?

  • Joe Brandibas

    @ernie – If you paid attention, it said once the chips were manufactured at Micron they were shipped to Asia for packaging into the various formats (USB drives, memory cards, etc…).

  • Blundell

    The chip creation is in UTAH, that is then shipped abroad to be assembled. If you’d watched it and not skipped through you’d of seen this :p

  • Arena Creative Stock Imagery

    Holy cow, you mean Lexar actually manufactures in the US? Shocking. Most tech is from Asia nowadays.

  • X-tra

    Lexar CF cards seem to be the most reliable cards, perhaps the manufactured bit in the US explains it.

    Crazy though some peolple have to fold these little pieces of packaging paper we bin straight ahead!

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  • Mayanah Fayhgan

    nice info :)