Polar Bears Hate Being Spied on by Hidden Cameras

For the BBC documentary “Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice”, special hidden cameras were designed with unobtrusiveness and durability in mind. They didn’t succeed very well in either, as the polar bears quickly detected and destroyed the pesky cameras intruding on their privacy. What they did accomplish was capturing footage showing what it looks like to have polar bears perform CPR on you. Luckily they didn’t have real photographers crouching in those domes!

(via Gizmodo)

  • Ranger9

    Both cute and fascinating. However, let’s not forget that if we could read those polar bears’ minds, what they’d have been saying was, “Dang, nothing edible in here…”

  • Ryan Troop

    I know Im totally off topic here, but they’s my favorite! I would love to photograph one in person some day…

  • Anon

    I watched this when it was on. Me and my family were laughing so much when they destroyed the cameras.

  • Jana

    Polar bears are intrepid hunters. Sometimes they can cross very thin ice by stretching themselves out to spread their weight around. They can cross ice you or I cannot. When they hunt they will sometimes cover their nose with their white paw so to be less obtrusive. These domes are about 100% obtrusive.