How the Leica M9 Rangefinder is Made

Here’s interesting behind-the-scenes video shot at a Leica factory that gives you an intimate look into how $7,000 Leica M9 digital rangefinder is assembled. Each of the cameras receives a lot of tender loving care.

Here’s the second half of the video:

(via Gizmodo)

  • Paul Timon

    Not overly impressed. The last thing I want to hear on a video about the making of my precious camera is somebody in the background using a hammer!

  • Taptanium

    I’m sure the hammer wasn’t used in the course of assembling a camera :)

  • Michael

    Crazy money, you could buy a proper high-end DSLR for that.

  • Krister

    Some years ago I visited the Hasselblad factory. They used a rubber hammer to adjust the position of the milky glass you see the picture on in the viewfinder.

  • Photosophy

    Is that a Leica factory or a muffler shop?

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  • Eddie Smith

    or you could buy this with a 50 summicron and get sharper pictures. Leica cameras have been used to create many of the most Iconic photos in the last century, and are the ideal street machine. It would be nice if there was a lower price variant though. Both SLR and Rangefinders have there uses. I wouldn’t want to shoot sports with a rangefinder, but if I was reporting on more up close and personal stuff (natural disasters, warzones, protests….) I would rather have a Leica with just a good fast 50 or 35.
    A freind of mine was out shooting with his M7(a film version) and someone said to him too bad you’ve got that piece of shit rangefinder that could be a nice picture.lmao Henri Cartier-Bresson only shot a leica with a 50Mm for 98% of his work, and I’m pretty certain had he still been alive he’d be using an M9

  • Hey Genius

    Maybe someone is setting up a new workbench or adjusting something related to production but not to the actual camera? If you ever go to a ferrari or porsche factory you will hear hammering.

  • jjd

    Why are the videos marked as private?  Disappointed!