Credit Card-Sized Poco Pro Packs 1080p Recording and 14 Megapixels

Watch out GoPro — you’ve got competition headed your way. The Poco Pro is an upcoming camera by Iain Sinclair Design that claims to be the world’s smallest 14 megapixel camera and thinnest 1080p HD camcorder, perfect for action photography and helmet cams.

In addition to 4 gigs of internal storage, the credit card-sized camera can support up to 32GB more through its microSD slot. The back of the camera boasts a 2.4 inch display.

Here’s a video offering a sneak peek at the camera:

The Poco Pro is set to be available in June 2011 for around £200 (~$310), and reservations can be made through the official website.

  • mark zero (jason)

    I appreciate the technical specs, but how rugged is it? If you’re putting it in the same category as a GoPro or similar, it’s got to be capable of being knocked around a bit. And I really don’t see them putting together a helmet mount for it :)

  • Yvzvw

    It’s one thing to say 1080p, but what is the MB transfer rate? If too compressed, then it won’t look better than 720p or worse.