Nikon Patents an Interchangeable Sensor System for EVIL Cameras

In the present day world of photography, “mainstream” digital cameras aren’t nearly as modular as desktop computers since components can’t easily be swapped in and out of the camera body. The future might look quite different, and Nikon is taking a step in that direction with a recent patent filing for interchangeable sensors on EVIL cameras. In addition to choosing a particular lens depending on the desired photo, photographers would be able to choose different sensors as well.

Sensors would differ in things such as autofocus method, frames per second shooting speed, and megapixel count. Here’s a quick AF comparison chart (Google translated):

Hopefully in the future cameras will be more like computers in that we don’t need to upgrade the entire body just to have a few better features.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Guest

    They’ve patented something that most medium format cameras do already?

  • Anonymous

    I hope there is more to it than that, I don’t see anything novel here. Just because no one has done it before in an EVIL doesn’t mean they’ve come up with something that should be patentable. Then again, I don’t see anything useful here just yet.

  • Zak Henry

    I love how generic patent diagrams are. Also, do patent attorneys only have MS Paint?

  • Photosophy

    I agree.
    I think it’s just Nikon patent grabbing.

    It’s hard to imagine someone choosing to hassle with sensor changing over just getting a second body.
    I don’t see it being like interchangeable lenses because of the precise mechanical and contaminant tolerances of sensors. Sensors deal in microns, not millimeters.
    Like medium format, they will have to be full camera backs with automatic or manual covers. Which means they won’t be all that much cheaper than a second body. It would seem an interchangeable sensor is really a second body with none of the usability or advantage of a second body.