Canon 7D Used to Shoot Stop-Motion Episode of NBC’s “Community”

You may have heard that the Canon 5D Mark II has been used to film an episode of “House” on FOX. Now NBC is using a 7D for an upcoming Christmas episode of “Community”. On Thursday, Dec. 9th, 2010, they’re going old school and doing a Rudolph-esque claymation epsiode. Check out these behind-the-scenes videos and you’ll see a Canon DSLR and lens being used.

This next video shot by a couple of the cast members where you can get a better look at the camera and lens:

  • Anonymous

    You make it a point to mention getting a better view of the lens. Not having seen that particular lens, I don’t recognize it, but by the silver band, does that mean it’s a consumer lens?

  • Michael Zhang

    Seems like it. Wasn’t an L-lens. Looks like they went with a pretty cheap setup.

  • Anonymous

    Going by the video and looking at lenses available online, it might be a 17-55 EF-S f/2.8, which is a $1000 lens. Not too bad specs in my opinion. I’ll make it a point to record that episode to see how it turns out, it might be just fine.

  • Matthew

    I think people get caught up in specs too much, but I agree, there is nothing wrong with that lens. In this case I doubt the lens would make any difference at all. Take photos with an 18MP 7D and resize them to 1920×1080 and they will look good even with a kit lens.

  • Harry Lim

    I thought the exact same thing when I saw the lens. Looks like my 17-55.

  • hoosierbrad

    Looove Community!

  • Anonymous

    I agree, the results should be good. There certainly are people that get a little too fanatical, though at first glance, it looked like this might have been a consumer lens, which might not have as good anti glare surfaces, for example. Given the budgets for a typical TV show, it is pretty surprising they didn’t go for a more expensive rig.

  • Age

    I’m not a fan of the show but this is pretty cool.

    I was looking at what application they used for the stop motion. I guess they’re using Dragon which I expected anyway. Great app for Stopmotion animation.

  • Guest

    Granted this is an old post, but FYI: both videos are now dead links.