Ridiculous Pentax K-r Robot Edition

Apparently this is what Pentax considers “legendary collaboration”: a Korejanai robot edition (Korejanairobomoderu) of the K-r DSLR. It doesn’t boast any spec upgrades from the stock version, but instead sports a wacky primary color paint job and a robot head attached to the hotshoe. You’ll also get a matching special edition 35mm ƒ/2.4 prime lens to complete the horrifying awesome look. If only these were working DSLR cameras that also transformed into robot action figures.

Only 100 will be sold at a price of ¥99,800 (~$1,190), and pre-orders start at midnight on December 24, 2010.

Legendary collaboration again! (via Engadget)

  • Guest

    Maybe Playschool can license it as “My First DSLR”

  • S4daddio

    Just threw up in my mouth a little…

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  • Photosophy

    I like it.
    It defies convention and scares the hell out of photography dilettantes.
    There’s no reason a DSLR has to be black except consumers are afraid of stepping outside of the arbitrary definition of what looks “pro”.

    Even on practical grounds, the lighter colors on cams like this actually make the controls easier to read.
    If it has good specs and glass, I’d use one on a professional shoot just to freak people out. And for marketing attention.
    I also just like color. :D

  • IsabellaD

    I actually think it’s cool. Yes, it does look a little childish, but the point of photographers is artistic expression, to break the mold, so why not have a colorful camera?

  • Cavale Fnord

    i agree. i love colors, i love cameras, why shouldn’t the two intermingle?

    however, i do think this particular color scheme is a bit garish.

    also, i have the most colorful holga.(this one i got it as a gift two years ago, and i’ve noticed that i’ve learned to only use it in certain situations, because it attracts a lot of attention and it changes the way people interact with me/my camera when i’m using it to take pictures.

  • Eddie

    it is aimed at a market where the colorful camera options gave Pentax it’s first top ten camera (#6) in a long time the K-X and they did several limited editions in addition to the ridiculous # of options already available. It’s not for me but as a Pentax user I’m happy to see anything that makes the company profitable and therefore still around to support my lens collection down the road’
    I’ve seen a few really nice custom order combos and am not averse to having a little more colorful model myself (however the models I’m likely to order sadly only come in black (K5, 645D) though a custom KR as a second camera might be just the thing as a backup to my K7

  • Eddie

    also given the popularity of Korejanai I’ll bet it sell out quickly

  • Eddie
  • Risk

    I swear i thought it was a playskool camera xD

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  • bb

    gah they better release another crazy camera when i got the money

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  • Shinji Kuwayama

    many color variation is good. but this camera is looks like playtoy.