Why Wedding Photographers Should Be Aware of Their Surroundings

This poor wedding photographer wasn’t looking at where he was going and, as a result, caused a huge commotion and likely ruined his pricey gear. On the plus side, he’s probably learned to make note of his surroundings for the rest of his life. Hopefully the photographs survived.

(via DigitalRev)

  • Lifest Ninjagraphers

    Not something a ninjagrapher would fall prey to…I hope.

  • Lloyd

    Best part is the guy who goes stright to pull the camera out! hes my type of guy!

  • Sobtapetesvoadores


  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    I bet his Canon pro gear is fine, as well as the photos & only his pride was permanently damaged.

  • Nicholas Dishington

    Hahaha brilliant! I love that in the video you don’t see what he’s about to fall into either!

  • Nicholas Dishington

    Hahaha brilliant! I love that in the video you don’t see what he’s about to fall into either!

  • Travis Hill

    I know this guy, all his gear as well as the photos were destroyed. Not a happy day for him. Well, at least he gets to relive it over and over.

  • Kaitlin

    Eh, it’s ok. It was only Canon gear. No big loss there :P

    (although- truly, I would be more worried about the gear. Even if it is Canon. My camera is my baby, and my life :) )

  • Ranger9

    I’d be worried about falling into water with a fully-charged flash unit. It probably would take several seconds for the water to work its way inside, but once it got to the capacitors, things could have gotten ugly. The guy who pulled out his gear may not have saved the camera, but he might have saved the photographer a major jolt.

    (Then again, *I* could be all wet about that. Sounds like a job for the Photo-Mythbusters…)

  • Matt

    LOL! I love when the guy who helps him out grabs his camera first!!! He knew what was important.

  • tsy87

    wow, im surprised the photos were destroyed… CF cards are quite durable unless the camera shorted and fried the card…

  • YJawhar

    The gear is more important than life itself! :P

  • YJawhar

    The gear is more important than life itself! :P

  • sarenya

    Thanks for good article. Hope to see more soon. . . . .

  • Lesley

    What a nightmare! So funny that the guy grabs the camera and goes back for him, good guy the camera is whey more important!

  • Spark

    Doofus. And why is his flash pointing backwards? What was he hoping to bounce off?

  • Basbeeky

    I feel sorry for the cameras….

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  • Embassy Pro Books

    Oh MY! I did get a chuckle out of this, and then I felt bad. Poor guy should know his surroundings. Did he not see that fountain on his way in?! Yikes.

  • Anonymous

    and here I thought those white Cannon L series lenses were fairly water resistant…

    Still you do have to wonder that he had not noticed the fountain earlier and made a mental note of it.

  • W Force

    He didn’t suspect ‘someone’ had decided it was time for him to be baptised that very day!

  • drew-ha

    Yeah… actually not really. No way his camera gear is working after being fully submerged. IF he was shooting digi… and he knows what he’s doing, he should be good. Film would be trash.

  • drew-ha

    I’ve sent CF through the washer and dryer and still pulled images off of them… and reused them. This guy must be a rookie photog… fountain swimming not advised

  • Abc_123

    If you laugh for this, you are abnormal.

  • TerryThomasPhotos


    1. what pro photographer dresses like a slob when covering a wedding?

    2. the video person (obviously) knew about the water since they were standing behind it yet did not warn the stills photographer as he was backing up.

    3. the photographer’s flailing around just seemed like bad acting. (I am both an actor and photographer.)

    Terry Thomas

  • Hhh

    Quite stupid no?, …. I mean you Sobtapetesvoadores.


    ehehe nice post… and i’m a photographer ;-))

  • wedding photographers bristol

    I don’t know but there is a reason for it that also i know but i also want to know why it was happens.

  • Richard

    Serves him right for ruining both the bride & groom’s experience of walking down the aisle and for ruining the videographer’s shot. It’s Karma!

  • digi

    Actually its pointing up, he has a stofen on the top, I thought the same thing at first to until I looked a bit more carefully