Nikon D700 with a Custom Tilt-Shift Rig

When Jon Martin found an old Kodak Ektar 101mm f4.5 lens from the 1940’s at work, he decided to try it on his D700 by freelensing to testing and see if it was compatible. After finding that it was, he began on building a rig to use it as a tilt-shift lens. He ended up building a rig using old camera gear and some custom wood parts.

Here are some tilt-shift shots he took using the rig:

You can read a much more detailed account of how the rig was constructed over on Martin’s website here.

  • Kuyman

    I think there’s a good chance these look better than what the original camera could do. I had one once… dreadful machine…

  • Andreas Puhl

    Tilt-shift is not my field of work, so I have no real knowledge of it and I have seen plenty shots that looked amazing – these however just look like blurry photos to me (with the exception of the last one which has some charme). I don’t see the point in crafting something like that for days, then wielding a heavy contraption around if the images look like they were taken by someone with parkinson’s three out of four times.
    I don’t mean to run his dedication down of course.

  • peemmfivekay

    All except one (the Mini Cooper) actually made me nauseous because of the unusual blurriness. Of course, I’m a complete amateur so I have no clue what I am talking about/looking at :-p

  • Chai FotoFofa

    Is there any chance for me to use 35mm lens i’ve modified one but got a problem with image circle that unable to projected on sensor, which one can i use (any manufacturer).Thank you.

  • Stephen Botel

    Tilt-shift lenses have better results on 4×5 & 8×10 view cameras (as seen in Arizona Highways magazine)….

  • Stephen Botel

    I think the purpose of tilt-shift lenses is to have everything in the photo from the foreground all the way to the horizon in perfect focus. (Think “David Muench”—A long time contributor to Arizona Highways Magazine)….

  • Georgian Constantin

    If you want to use the 35mm lens on 35mm cameras, it won’t work. The lens would have to be inserted inside the bayonet of the camera body in order to even achieve infinity focus, and the tilt movements would be very limited. If you are planning on using it on digital APS-C (1.6 or 1.5 crop), then it might work, but again, it won’t allow for serious tilt movements.
    What you need to do is find yourself an old medium format lens, which by projecting a lerger image circle onto the sensor, it allows for serious tilt movement without vignetting, and you will be able to actually mount the lens at a couple of inches from the body, thus giving you enough room for the bellows that will mount in between the camera and lens. Also, I suggest looking for focal lenghts around 40mm, cause anything above 70mm will be just too long, which in turn will limit your compositions.

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  • Dave

    Looks a lot like stuff done with LensBaby. Great fun.