Nikon Aims to Create New Camera Market

Nikon’s President Makoto Kimura did an interview with Reuters a couple days ago in which he stated that Nikon is trying to develop a camera that creates a new camera market.

A lot of companies make bold claims about their upcoming products “changing photography forever”, but the products usually don’t deliver much beyond increased megapixels, improvements in quality, and flashier specs. Sony actually succeeded in changing the landscape of DSLRs recently with their new pellicle mirror cameras.

In addition to Nikon, Pentax is also rumored to be developing a camera that is unlike any existing camera on the market.

Here’s the specific quote made by Kimura,

We want to propose another type of photography. I don’t think there is any need to limit it to two categories. We want to create a new market.

Let’s put on our thinking caps. What do you think these companies might have up their sleeves? Can you think of anything they might be building that might actually change the digital camera industry?

Nikon says preparing camera to create ‘new market’ (via Nikon Rumors)

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    My guess, 3D

  • YJawhar

    He said: “I don’t think there is any need to limit it to two categories.” What does he mean by those two categories!?

  • Michael Zhang

    Let’s hope not. That’d hardly be game-changing at all. haha

  • Michael Zhang

    I think he’s referring to compact vs DSLR

  • YJawhar

    What about slr-like and interchangeable lens evf cameras?

  • Mike Spivey

    I think he is referring to stills and video. Wonder what else? I agree, I hope it’s not 3D (I’m blind in one eye).

  • Aarcg

    Sony just released something like this with their translucent mirror DSLR

  • YJawhar

    Yeah, I know, but isn’t it a bit… naive of him to say 2? I mean, there’s def. more than two! :S

  • Don Bryant Thompson

    I think it’s going to be a camera that has the capability to apply styles to pics like one can do in photochop and lightroom. In short, more “fast food” photography with tons of in camera editing. We’re all going to need glasses now!

  • Don Bryant Thompson

    I think it’s going to be a camera that has the capability to apply styles to pics like one can do in photochop and lightroom. In short, more “fast food” photography with tons of in camera editing. We’re all going to need glasses now!

  • Chad Thomas

    so instead of a more powerful tool to create great images, Nikon (which i shoot) is opting to make photography more thoughtless. nice.

  • John Mee

    I agree with Don Bryant Thompson. Serious in camera edits. Negate the need for learning the trade for either photography or photoshop. Not a good move.

  • Rebecca Wilson

    Not a good move for whom?

    I wouldn’t buy that camera, but a lot of people probably would, which would make it good for those people and also for Nikon. What difference would it make to people who like doing things the old-fashioned way?

  • Ranger9

    I’ve noticed that many serious photographers today spend more time following and discussion camera-rumor websites, arguing online about camera specifications, and blogging about their camera-buying preferences than they do making, you know, actual photographs of actual stuff.

    So obviously the time is ripe for a completely new kind of camera which offers a high degree of technological specification, a wide range of accessories for every purpose, full integration with digital and social media, and (possibly) open-platform software configurability… but doesn’t, you know, actually take pictures.

    I mean, isn’t the whole “pictures” thing getting to be kind of 2009-ish? Besides, if for some reason you do need a picture of something, well, duh, what did you think that button on your phone is for?

    With the ever-more-demanding pace of our professional and personal lives, serious photographers need to pare down and simplify in order to pursue our serious-photography lifestyle. Clearly, this “pictures” notion is just a time-wasting distraction. Serious photographers can no longer afford to be preoccupied with the “pictures” thing if we’re going to be fully committed to serious photography.

  • John

    How about a dSLR with a fixed zoom lens that has a max aperture of at least 2.8 and zoom range of 18-200mm? Just an idea. ;)

  • Aarcg

    I am literally laughing out loud… great post! Perhaps I should stop posting and go make some pictures?

  • f2point8

    More in camera edits that can compete with (or license from) photoshop express, built in wi-fi and 3G, auto upload to social networks, pick up prints on the drive home. The camera could become “invisible,” part of what we wear or just a part of things we do. Faster (or no) focus, high speed, super small, ultra light, unobtrusive.

  • Brett Kling in Nashville, TN

    Open Source Camera System! The problem with photography is that there are too may proprietary lens systems and accessories. I miss the good old days (I’m only 31, but I used old equipment) when you could simply take a screw mount lens and mount it on several different bodies. The introduction of the Android OS allows the user to take it as it is, but also create endless configurations and possibilities. Why not have open source programming on what processing engine you would like to process your raw files or build and distribute a camera app that embeds GPS coordinates like quartz data backs? What if I want to use a Nikon lens on a Canon body? I could have superior optics on a superior sensor. The possibilities are endless. Let the openness of social technology be the conduit for creative photography. I’m tired of alll these people who have all the knowledge and none of the cash getting crapped on because they can’t take great looking images. Power to the people!

  • Andy Booth

    Quite simple for me….just to connect all existing technologies in the modern photographers world. For example…my mobile phone (cheap Nokia) can bluetooth images taken direct to my iMac…yet my Canon 7D cannot (wi-fi in camera also – so can upload high quality images or vid to the internet)…

    We already have amazing image quality from digital, and we should always push forward with every aspect of humanity evolution, whether that be 1 extra pixel in a budget SLR, or developing space craft to take us to Mars. Good pictures (as safe space travel), should always be a the core (and always will be), but every step should be embraced, otherwise we just ducks floating in a pond!

    AndyBoothPhoto (twitter)

  • Heather G.

    Call me old-fashioned, but could the “two categories” possibly be digital and film? It’d be kind of cool to have a camera that could do both, although I’m not sure how big that market would be…

  • Christoph Hammann

    His portrait does look a bit Borg-ish …

  • Christoph Hammann

    You don’t know how correct you are even with regard to “art” photography circles. We’ve gone way meta.

  • Gerrit de Heus

    I’m waiting for a camera that will go out on i’ts own and bring me back some great pictures. I guess i’m a bit lazy ;-)

  • Fastactingrelief

    Not for Nikon

  • YJawhar

    Yeah, but I wouldn’t call it game changing if there’s already something like it in the market! :S