Canon 4K Concept Camera on Display at Canon Expo 2010

Canon Expo 2010 is going on over in New York City right now, and one of the interesting things being displayed is a funky multipurpose 4K camera. The 8-megapixel CMOS camera is capable of super high definition video and photography at 60 frames per second, and has a do-it-all 24-480mm zoom lens.

Canon seems to love the idea of a single camera and lens combo that does everything for all photographers and videographers. They showed off a similar concept at the World Expo in Shanghai this year.

Don’t expect something like this to arrive anytime soon. Philip Bloom has more photographs of Canon Expo 2010 on his blog.

(via cinema5D)

Image credit: Photograph by Philip Bloom

  • Xavierdjx

    I just can’t imagine wich kind of computer you need to edit this 4K ;-) My core i7 is just enough for HD editing…

  • .

    I’m sure affordable cameras that can record 4K video will come eventually, when people have computers and monitors that can actually work with it and show it off, but I suspect those interested in that quality would want more options than a built in superzoom. Something you could actually hold comfortably as well as put on a tripod would help too!

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  • tsy87

    but its a super zoom L lens!! haha!

  • Diegouo

    seems like my sony dsc R1, same lcd screen position :P