Canon Versus Nikon Destruction Tests

This is a 17 minute video showing Kai over at DigitalRev (the same guy that painted a Nikon D90 pink) putting a Canon 400D and Nikon D70 through various torture tests. The tests include stabbing them with knives, dropping them down escalators, smashing them with elevator doors, using them as stilts, and more.

It’s painful to watch, and not just because beautiful cameras are being abused — the video is much too long. However, it’s interesting to see how much damage entry-level DSLR cameras can take and still remain functional.

  • Dflfop

    stupid kid! he has money to burn in the toilet

  • Fred Tiberghien

    this hurts me

  • brian

    most of those test were pointless
    and just because the shutter fires, doesn’t mean the camera is working
    let’s see the shots

  • Alex Newbury

    I dislike this guy – ever since I saw the pink painting. I only dream of having the resources available to even own these cameras, let alone waste them like this.

  • DaveMax

    Cameras are C 400D and Nikon D70, not 550D/D90 ;-)

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for the catch! Fixed =)

  • kerozis

    He play harder with Canon… lol

  • Lfelipmn

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, the Tea no………………………

  • Studio

    This guy is a total chode.

  • Yousif Jawhar

    I don’t think that the police would mind if I injured this guys, would they?

  • Guest

    i seriously think this was done in really bad taste.

  • tony raj

    Stupid tests. It’s not even done properly.

  • Veronica

    I couldn’t watch the entire video.. that guy is just too annoying.. and I can’t see cameras get purposely destructed like that….

  • Aaron

    agree with Veronica

  • QuBe

    They aren’t his cameras – the belong to the company he works for –
    It’s just a promotional stunt to get attention, like the pink D90.

    Although I do agree, it certainly lacks drama and flair.
    I would have made dummies of each camera and had a cement truck drive over them. Then pretend to pop the lens back in, wipe off the dust and ta-da! Still firing like new.

    Next of course, the wok deep fry test…the aquarium test…the 20 storey drop onto cement…and finally the explosion by lithium battery terminal shorting.

    A little help from the makeup dept to make them both look horrific as they click happily away…followed by the reveal that no innocent cameras were injured in the making of this film.
    That would be funny instead of ticking people off wasting gear they’d gladly have.

  • Bertrand Haulotte


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  • Scott

    I cannot believe a person would willfully participate such a poorly conceived project.
    Most people know that just because the cameras go “click”, it does not mean that they work.
    There is nothing informative or entertaining about this crap.
    If they had cameras they wanted to get rid of, they should have donated them to students who wrote the most compelling essays as to why they should receive them.
    Clearly, all the people at DigitalRev are doing is making fools of themselves and making everyone else angry.
    Good job PetaPixel for showing this stuff, though.
    It lets us know who to stay away from!

  • Zamberson

    Crap shat

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  • Kai


    This is Kai from DigitalRev. Thanks for all the comments, even the ones who say that they want to injure me.

    Of course, the video is going to piss people off and you probably won’t like me as the damage was inflicted by me. However, the purpose of the video was not just to destroy the cameras. I could’ve done that by dunking them in a bucket of water (hell, we could’ve blended them). As Petapixel has mentioned, it shows the amount of abuse that a DSLR without a magnesium-alloy body and weather sealing can take. It’s a misconception that these basic DSLRs are not rugged and that’s the aim of the video, to show how well they can cope with even some extreme tests.

    If you care to watch the 2nd part of the video (although I doubt the critics will care to watch it), both cameras have working shutters and produce nice images. What’s damaged? What you see on the inside. Does it still work as a camera? Yes. It’s not going to waste, I’m taking the Nikon D70 home.

    Could DigitalRev give cameras away to the community? Yes, we can and we do give new ones away…does anyone pick up on that?

    Anyway, apologies to those who got offended. I’ll leave it at, just in case I’m annoying the violent person within you.


    Kai from DRTV

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  • alvaro edu

    the flash in my D70 stop working in 2 weeks of use!!!

  • Malnad Studios

    This is hilarius test…!

  • TerryThomasPhotos

    STOP! This guy’s a ****ing idiot!

  • CaptivateThem

    Cameras are only tools.

    I for one f*ckin’ love this dude! I only excelled at photography because my consumer level equipment could take a beating far above and beyond its rating. My old Canon 350D withstood car accidents, snowstorms, alcohol spillage, being hit with skateboards/snowboards/and a bmx peg, etc etc. It never ceased to impress me just how much abuse it could take. It also presently has 175,000+ actuations on the shutter (internal abuse).

    Now that I shoot with bonified tanks (1D, 5D & 7D), having abused my 350D to such limits really makes me appreciate the engineering legacy that is the tools of our trade. I think videos like this are a great reminder to stop whinging about conditions and just get out and shoot. Get the photo you have to get, regardless of what is going on around you.