Canon Announces Three PowerShot Cameras with HD Video

Canon isn’t going to have Nikon have all the announcement fun today. They’ve unveiled three new PowerShot compact cameras: the S95, the SD4500 IS, and the SX130 IS. The cameras will cost $400, $250, and $350 (respectively), and all offer HD video recording.

The S95 offers a new High Dynamic Range (HDR) scene mode that captures three photos with a single push of the shutter and combines the bracketed exposures into a single HDR photograph.

The SD4500 IS also rises above the other two by offering a 1080p HD video mode (the others have 720p), a super slow motion mode (240fps), and a speed burst mode of 8.4 frames per second.

Expect these cameras to hit the market late August or early September 2010.

  • Alex Newbury

    Does this mean flickr will soon be overrun with even more HDR-for-the-sake-of-it photos?

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  • Michael Zhang

    That seems likely. I bet this feature is going to start creeping in to every compact camera.

  • Alex Newbury

    in all fairness, If used well it could open new doors to those who don’t have the time/patience to do it properly – and it’s a good shout for whomever suggested it as a feature.

    Just HDR can be very good, or very bad. and it worries me how many people will use this setting exclusively.

  • Koreambear

    Crap! I just purchased an S90 last Friday. I would have waited had I known. I think I will return it to Best Buy as it’s still under the return policy. Does anyone have any idea when it is going to hit the shelves like at Best Buy or

  • Anonymous

    Am I reading correctly that the SD4500 IS can take 1080p video at 240fps?? Or maybe the slow-motion mode is at a lower framerate?

  • Michael Zhang

    The slow-mo mode is at 320 x 240.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t feel exceptional excited about that ;) Then again for that price range it’s a nice extra feature.