Side-by-Side Comparison of iPhone 4 and Canon 7D Video

Here’s an interesting video by Take Zero Productions that compares the footage of the same scene recorded by both an iPhone 4 and a Canon 7D. You can also head on over to the Vimeo page to compare the footage in HD, since HD is disabled in this embedding.

Note that in the description, they write,

I was mainly focusing on the iPhone video here and didn’t have intentions of making this a comparison video so some of the 7D shots aren’t properly exposed and some aren’t even focused. But here it is regardless.

What do you think of the iPhone’s video capabilities compared to the Canon 7D?

(via Imaging Insider)

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  • Lynnbecker

    The iPhone looks pretty good, but the Canon has much more subtle color, depth and detail – as should be expected.

  • Brett

    Considering the iphone is a phone…I'm amazed. My friend and I just bought the 7D for filming independent films and it's amazing but the iphone looks pretty dang good. My thoughts of using it as a behind the scenes camera still rein true.

  • Andrés Mejía

    I love the background music. What band is that?

  • LUTTER Régis

    iPhone is a phone and cost $600 and the Canon 7D cost $1700… Then… the iPhone has just an amazing video quality !

  • Michael Zhang

    The song is Jorge Regula by The Moldy Peaches

  • Martin

    There is missing the comparison of the Depth of field …

  • Aversion Therapy

    Almost any 3mp modern camera can do HD video, the resolution of 720 or 1080 hd is small compared to most sensors' capability. There are differences in the compression applied by the camera saving the video but most obviously the fact that the camera phones (the iPhone is not the only one to do HD video) use tiny sensors and relatively crappy lenses.

    Obviously the 7d (or any other video-enabled DSLR) is going to offer a lot more in terms of picture quality, DoF control, dynamic range, etc, but the fact that you can have this tiny device in your pocket that shoots HD video is pretty astounding, not to mention all the other things a smartphone can do.

    I'd like to see a comparison between the iphone along with the Android phones that do HD video.

  • superchou

    exactly, while the iphone looks great for a phone cam video blah blah it still misses the DoF of the higher end camera and looks flat. still nice for what it is.

  • QuBe

    In the small Vimeo player version, the iPhone actually seems better in many shots.
    But when you go to the page and watch it in HD and full screen, then the 7D's superiority is evident.
    But as mentioned, getting this level of video off a cellphone is still awesome.
    (I found it's easier to make the comparison with the sound muted.)

  • Gatcho_03

    the iphone video looks a little bit washed-out. then again, it looks great considering the price difference. of course it would have been great if there were low-light shots and a lot of fast moving objects on the video … that is going to really test a lower priced video device … since on your video, everything looks like they were in slow-motion under good-lighting conditions

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  • Eztazon

    what a ridiculous iphone ad! nicely chosen boring scenes not to see the canon's advantage, eg in. DOF

  • David

    Sometimes, the best camera is the one you have with you.

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  • Petermagellan

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  • Zamberson

    ridiculous ad