Unboxing the Canon Lens Thermos and Coffee Mug

I’ve been dying to take a look at the Canon lens coffee thermos and mug since I first wrote about it back in the beginning of March, but didn’t want to buy a set just to take a look. Luckily for me, the nice people over at sent me some samples to check out and play around with. In this post I’ll be sharing some photographs and thoughts about these unique items.

The boxes arrived a bit squashed. The packaging is pretty basic. The 70-200mm thermos comes with a small sheet of warnings (i.e. do not microwave it).

The lenses look very much like their real counterparts. Both have actual rubber grips, though the grips do shift around a bit if you move them up or down.

The 24-105mm mug looks nearly identical to the real thing. From the side most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. I was pretty amazed at how much detail was included. The focus mode switches look like they could actually work.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the focus switch areas. As you can see, the 24-105mm is much more realistic, while the 70-200mm is missing the switches entirely.

The distance windows also differ in quality. The 24-105mm looks quite real, while the 70-200mm one is simply painted on.

So the 24-105mm is the more realistic of the two. However, it’s completely plastic on the inside, while the 70-200mm comes with a nice cap and has metal innards.

The cap fits quite snugly on the thermos, and the 70-200mm thermos feels much friendlier for drinking liquids.


The 24-105mm is pretty amazing in how faithfully it mimics the actual lens. However, it feels more like something you’d have around to show friends, while the 70-200mm is what I would prefer to drink coffee with (if I were a coffee drinker).

They’re definitely on the pricey end of fun gift ideas (~$30-50 each), but could be quite fun for someone addicted to both coffee and photography.

Update: From the comments we’ve heard from readers, it doesn’t look like CanonMugs is a very reputable dealer. We recommend that you purchase these directly from

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  • dougspringer

    Nice to see the 24-105 is so detailed, but also good to know it's not lined w/stainless steel. The 70-200 is an “official” Canon product (at least here in Canada), while I believe the 24-105 is not, so it's interesting that the Canon one has less detail. I was a little disappointed the distance window is a sticker, since it does move around a bit when you've got hot coffee inside, but overall I like the look of mine.

  • QuBe

    Since the 24-105 is plastic, I'd use it as a cool pencil holder on my desk rather than for beverages.
    The 70-200 looks enormous for a drink cup. I'd be in the loo 20 times a day if I used that as a beverage container.

  • Dan Joshua Valenton

    really nice.. haha =D

  • Eugene

    Awesome review, Michael… Just curious: do you get to keep the coffee mugs?

  • Michael Zhang

    Hey Eugene – Yeah, I get to keep the mugs, and I tried to mention this in the first paragraph. I guess I should have been more clear. Thanks for asking.

  • Johntographer

    Thanks for posting this. I heard about the 70-200 mug about a year ago, and I've been wondering when they'd put 'em on the market. They're a little spendy, but maybe I'll add them to my Christmas list, haha.

  • canonholics

    Hi Michael, I ordered from the same website. on the 9th of june. Till now I have not received anything from them and no replies on my enquires too. :(

  • Michael Zhang

    Hmm. I'll see if I can get them to respond to this comment.

  • canonmugs

    thank you for us know the problem

  • canonmugs
  • PeggyK

    a lot of people have problems with canonmugs i heard. my friends got theirs from ebay or is where i got mine. arrived in 2 days – super fast.

  • punoy

    mycameratoys seems fishy and your sentences remind me of those who's been spamming mycameratoys all around our lens mug facebook group.

  • canonholics

    I have not recieved the order till now :( this is really disappointing. Canonmugs replied and gave me a new tracking number but there is no info found on the website to track this number. So i wonder if its ever been shipped.
    It is suppose to be a birthday present for someone special but I think now I wont have any surprise for the birthday boy :(

  • Markus Andrezak

    Whereas Canon Mugs is stating clearly in his FAQs that no hidden cost will be charged, what happens is that their logistics partner charges additional 30$ on top of the customs. Having to pay customs is just fine. But that the additional handling is another 30$ is just incredible and not mentioned before. For me this is scam and you should not give this company any more publicity.

  • Markus Andrezak

    Oh, well: I have to excuse myself. After some discussion with they are reimbursing the additional fees I had to pay to their logistics partner.

  • PeggyK

    not sure what that was supposed to mean. I am just stating my facts and trying to help others with better fortune, sorry!

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  • Dominic Hsieh

    I ordered and paid for 2 of each, on the 9th july, as of today (15th July) no contact from the supplier, after 3 emailed requests for postal tracking numbers.

    Is this site for real, has anyone ever received an order recently?

  • Gosia


    I ordered the mug on 27.10.2010. I write to you on your email services@…but I didn’t get ay answers. How could I contact with you. I wonder if there is any chance to get my mug?

  • Rastakawaii

    I paid for my order on the 23th November, but I have no answers for tracking requests. Is still alive or I waste my money?

  • Rastakawaii

    I paid for my order on the 23th November, but I have no answers for tracking requests. Is still alive or I waste my money?

  • Tag
  • Tag

    also it’s from China and not from Canada

  • Anonymous
  • Ruehl

    I just bought my set from on January 14, 2011. It arrived today on January 18, 2011, which is pretty fast. I paid $75.99 for the set (as reviewd above) with free shipping and checked out using their shopping cart and online payment, and made payment through Paypal. The person receiving payment is Yu Zhang (Chinese), and is probably related or “is” the same person writing the above review (Michael Zhang). I bet he’s the same person who’s doing the review to get more sales. Let’s talk about the products that I received. For sure, the products advertised on look delicious and amazing with nice photos, etc., but I must say the product is just like any China-made flimsy cheap material that you can easily buy from Ebay or elsewhere cheaper and probably the same quality or better. They advertised that the 24-105mm manual switch is switchable, but it really wasn’t. Also, many of their descriptions on the products are inconsistent. For example, if you buy the 70-200mm thermo alone, they say it’s not made with cheap plastic PVC, etc. etc in the description. But if you buy it in bundle with the 24-105mm, it states different and otherwise. All in all, you will be better off buying from Ebay for half the price or more and you can get the same thing. Their website name gives them power for authenticity (hence the name), but in reality, it’s just a one-man or two-man business that is not owned by a company. Hence, poor response and customer service. I’m not writing this because I feel ripped off, but I just wanted to point people in the right direction. I hope this is helpful.

  • Dickie IS A SCAM!!!! Read the posts below. The will charge you the day you place an order but they do not respond to email requests for a tracking number. And you cannot get a refund. They will take your money and give you no product. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM…. IT IS A SCAM!

  • Leroy

    Bought a canon 24-105mm mug a few weeks ago on Solid quality and arrived within 10 days in the US!

  • Squaleon

    Hi canonmugs, I have ordered 3 pieces of mugs and I am not receiving any updates on where it is now. After a week, the order is still in Processing status though my payment has already been cleared.
    I keep sending you emails however no one is responding.
    My order number is 100000478.

    I hope someone will respond.

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  • Joe

    Do not buy from!

    Way over priced and not the Canadian made mug like they say it is. It is the cheap version. See Ruehl’s post above, his post is spot-on.

  • happy customer

    I ordered 3 Canon mugs (24-105, 24-70 – zooms in and out like a real lens!, and white thermos) from on Nov 24th. 2011.  I also did not receive any shipping information as promised.  After 1 week, I send an email inquiry.  A couple of days later I sent another email.  He answered and provided a tracking number and promised my parcel would arrived soon (US address sent to Canada so it takes longer to go through customs).  It arrived the next day (Dec 6).  The mugs are all as pictured above with the exception of the 24-105mm plastic cup.  Mine is insulated (metal on inside) instead of plastic.  I even got the free Canon 5D camera shaped usb flash drive as promised on the website.  It looks like a home operation as the addresses were all hand written but they did deliver as promised.  All mugs were bubbled wrapped inside the boxes. I am a Canon user and the 24-105 and 24-70 are very nice and authentic looking.  The 70 – 200mm is not so great but still as advertised.

  • Garcia

    great ,but expensive ,I got a cheapest at ebox365

    is prefect only 15$ for registered account, Free shipping ,I like it so much

  • crazyfrogbb

    great ,but expensive ,I got a cheapest at,quality
    is prefect only 15$ for registered account, Free shipping ,I like it so much

  • A.M

    I also ordered from Canonmugs on 18th of Nov. I received them on 1st of December. Before that didn’t get any email with tracking info. Was very disappointed when I unpacked. Mugs didn’t have any boxes, only dirty bubble wrap. And also one mug was damaged. Received the usb flash drive, which looked like unfinished product. Now I can’t get any contact with them.
    Very bad service….

  • Eric H

    I ordered two mugs on Dec 16th.  Website states fast and free delivery and ships from our NY Warehouse within 24 hours….I live in NJ, so there’s no reason why this should take so long.  Never received a tracking number or confirmation that it shipped.  Luckily I paid with PayPal so I opened a dispute and I’ll get my money back if they don’t respond. 

  • kasia

    Hi there, I ordered a Canon 70-200mm Lens Thermos on Jan 19th, 2012. I received an automatic email with order number and haven’t heard from them since then. The website is down, all my e-mails to [email protected] come back undelivered. I paid $45.99. There is no way I can contact the seller. I wish I have found this website sooner, so I knew what a scam this is.
    I noticed that someone from canonmugs reads this thread. My order number is #100004502. Can I get my mug??

  • Goobernutz

    I ordered a mug and the one they sent me had a glass top! So I pried it off and there were loads of little glass discs throughout. But that didn’t stop me. I pulled them all loose and now I have a working coffee mug!