Leica Officially Jumping Onto the Lens Mug Train, Two Models Arriving Soon


Lens-shaped coffee mugs and vacuum flasks (the proper name for the Thermos) have become a hot novelty item in the world of photography over the past couple of years, and Leica wants a piece of the action. Two weeks ago, a Leica-branded coffee mug was spotted on eBay, and now it appears that the strange product will be hitting store shelves at brick-and-mortar Leica retail locations.

Leica Rumors reports that Leica will be selling the official lens mugs this holiday season. It’s a limited-edition novelty that will come in two versions: a Noctilux-M 50 (above) and a Summarit-S 70 (below).


The ceramic mugs will come packaged in fancy gray boxes, feature removable lids, and will have price tags of around $35 each.


While it’s unclear where these mugs will be available [See below] (it might be limited to Leica stores and select camera shops), you can make a quick call to your local dealer to see if they’ll be sold in your location. It could make for a humorous gift for a Leica lover this holiday season.

Update: Here’s some more info from Leica on how to get yourself one of these mugs:

The two coffee mugs were made in Germany exclusively for Leica and are now available in the US. However, the mugs will not be available at Leica dealers; all orders must be made through Leica directly at 1 (800) 222-0118. As there is only a very limited quantity, orders will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. The ceramic coffee mugs, first made available during Photokina, come with removable lids and retail for $35.