Base Jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole with the 5D Mark II

This beautiful video shows world champion freediver Guillaume Néry plunging into Dean’s Blue Hole, the world’s second deepest underwater sinkhole. It was filmed by Julie Gautier, a French freediving champion, using a Canon 5D Mark II. Gautier filmed the video while freediving herself, and the stunts were filmed over four afternoons.

Though the video is an artistic project and doesn’t show a single dive (reaching the bottom is likely impossible), it’s a beautiful film and one of the more unique uses of the 5D Mark II that we’ve seen.

(via Gizmodo)

Thanks for the tip Pelle!

  • Basejumper

    Base jumping has to involve a parachute as BASE means, buildings, antennas, spans and earth. No mention of water…so call it something else.

  • Jharlz

    Who sings that amazing song???

  • Michael Zhang

    Just using the name they gave the video they posted =)

  • Gary Biron

    Awesome, good set of lungs for that!

  • BlooSee

    The precise location of this amazing place can be seen on Bloosee at