Sony’s Upcoming A290 DSLR Leaked

Gadgets haven’t been doing a good job of staying secret in Vietnam lately. Just a couple days ago an iPhone 4G was found, filmed, and completely disassembled there. Now, photos and details of Sony’s entry level DSLR replacement, the A290, have emerged on Vietnamese forum Tinhte. This camera replaces the A230 reportedly has a 14 megapixel sensor, 3200 max ISO, 2.7 inch LCD screen, and 2.5fps maximum shooting speed.

(via Engadget)

  • Ivan Grynov

    This camera is ugly and unimpressive.

  • Bryan

    I'm glad they fixed the horrible grip from the A230, but where have all the buttons gone? When will someone explain to camera designers that less buttons does not equal easier to use?

  • Alex Newbury

    looks ugly as sin to me. plasticky and pretty bulky without needing to be. Control dial looks flimsy too.

    I'll stick with Nikon, thanks.

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  • Joakim Bergquist

    Sony fails… they introduce newbies to dslr just for them to realize that other brands are better at medium range dslr's when its time for them to upgrade. When will we see the replacement of the A700? it's too late already. //Sonyshooter