Rare 2000mm Nikon Lens on eBay

There’s a Nikon 11/2000mm Reflex-Nikkor-C lens for sale on eBay. The price? A mere $19,950.

This page has more information on this rare lens:

This is the longest reaching and the largest dimension Nikkor optical lens for 35mm photography […] This rarely seen lens was believed to be hand made and on a special order basis. It was generally been seen finished in white colour which carries the purpose of minimizing thermal effect if use frequently in the field […] Neither the lens is easy to carry along nor friendly to handle as its dimension and weight factor often require time consuming setup for shooting.

The thing isn’t “easy to carry” because it weighs about 39 pounds. It’s also fixed at f/11, so you’ll need good light and stabilization to use it effectively.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Mr Olsen

    It's a reflector-telescope. That's why it's fixed at f/11.

  • Bergur

    Mr Olsen, you took the words out of my mouth.

    …well, if you really think about it…you actually save a few bucks, what you would have saved on buying a dumbbell…

  • John

    This thing doesn't hold a candle to the Canon 1200mm. It weights 50ish pounds, cost $80k new, and only 12 were made. And it used lenses, not this mirror-cop out s**t Nikon used.

  • spangborn

    This is pretty gnarly.

  • spangborn

    @John: What you're missing is the fact that the 2000mm lens is a 40x magnification, were the 1200mm is only a 24x.

  • Braun Photography

    But with a 2x extension, the Canon becomes a 2400mm f/11 and still has a variable aperture and uses real lenses.

  • Shawn Parker

    Any sample pics taken with the lens?

  • Timur Civan

    God, lets put it on a RED camera….

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  • Ken Alganosh

    Found at 24999€ in the streets:

  • Korios

    It looks more like a mirrory telescope than a lens.