Apple Releases New Version of Aperture

This morning Apple introduced the latest version of their photo editing software: Aperture 3. The $199 program ($99 for existing users) adds over 200 new features to the previous version, including the Faces and Places features that were popular in the latest release of iPhoto. In addition, there is now a Brushes feature that allows you to “paint” adjustments onto photographs, much like the feature that was added to Adobe Photoshop CS4. The new version will also run in 64-bit mode, which Apple claims will allow it to run an “order of magnitude” faster.

  • Matias Singers

    I've just downloaded the Trial and I'll try it out asap. I really do hope it's faster since I've experienced a lot of lag in Aperture 2. Aperture is still my favorite photo editing/catalog/storing software and this is great news.

  • Paul Lomax

    Would love to hear comments!

    I've never used the app. As I prefer Lightroom, but always interested in the other side?!