Monstrous 570 Megapixel Digital Camera

Remember the days when a 5 megapixel digital camera was considered top-of-the-line? I do. Remember the days when 570 megapixel digital cameras were the size of cars? That’s a question people might ask years from now, when the most basic pocket cameras boast hundreds of megapixels, and when we have petabyte external hard drives.

The “camera” shown above is one of the largest digital cameras in existence, created by Fermilab, a US national laboratory specializing in physics. It uses 74 CCD sensors to create 570 megapixel images of galaxies and supernovas. Scientists plan on using the $35 million dollar camera to map some 300 million galaxies.

Any guesses as to how long it will be before we’re paying $350 for a 570 megapixel compact digital camera? Will that day ever arrive?

(via PopPhoto Flash)

  • surak

    570mp in my pocket? I wonder why.

    I hope even sony stopped with this megapixel BS lately…

  • surak

    570mp in my pocket? I wonder why.

    I hope even sony stopped with this megapixel BS lately…

  • Roger

    Unless we want to capture images of far away galaxies, having so many MPs in our cameras would be overkill. Anyway, in the future, most of the time, we would find cameras with 570 mpx with poor lenses, as it happens nowadays, so the results would be like stretching a 3 mpx picture with photoshop until it takes a full 1gb hard disk to store it.

  • yoshua wuyts

    Is that a 570 MP camera in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  • joakimbergquist

    I bet it's going to be on atleast dslr's in ten years. Ord maybe not, I don't really think we will be working in pixels by then. There must be new type of sensors to fullfill my dream :)

  • Michael Zhang

    Maybe we'll all be using imaging devices that produce 3D holograms of locations.

  • joakimbergquist

    That would certainly be something :)

  • vladbolocan

    Why do humans feel the need to build so huge things?From towers to 570 MP cameras…I don't get it.

  • hey

    a humans eye is thought to have 576 megapixels so you whats so bad with having a camera that can take pictures the quality of a human eye?

  • Колодій Михайло

    So we’ll need atleast SSSSQH-HD TV or maybe “direct neural interface” to be able to see these pictures; I think, there are some reasons to take 500+ mpx pictures, for example, in security systems, military, space exploration, science etc.

  • One Rifle

    Because we can and because thats what it takes to house technology at this time.

  • shahzaib

    khoweye is 576 MP and its is still limited can we able to capture galaxies… etc ?? human is 576 MP and it is still limited :?

  • ayush

    i have a 576 mp camera actually 2 576 mp camera n those are my eyes :P

  • Sticky_NinJa

    Considering the pixels on the Hubble Space Telescope include a mere 16 or so MegaPixels can see 10-15 Billion Light-Years in distance, this phenomenal 570 MegaPixel camera would dramatically increase the scope of our universe in terms of visible space if it were used in a space telescope.
    I do wonder what plans Fermilab has for this camera; will it be built into a new space telescope 35 times stronger than Hubble’s, or will it be used on the ground in an observatory?

  • Chiri Sorin

    because that’s about the resolution of the hunam eye :)