The Epic Self-Portraits of Ruben Brulat

Editor’s note: This post contains landscape photographs with a trace amount of artistic nudity.

Ruben Brulat is a 21 year old photographer based in Paris, France. Two of his projects, titled “Primates” and “Immaculate“, involve self-portraits taken in landscapes and in the neighborhoods of Paris.






Brulat tells us,

I’ve started 2 years ago, when I decided to buy my first camera. Instantly it became a real passion, since I never stopped. I went out all night long, trying, experimenting, I just needed to do it. It became quickly something vital for me. I couldn’t stop taking photograph. Months after months I took less but thanked more, there I started to create photographs.

I enjoy taking photographs, it’s the only place where I feel at my place, where I feel having a complete freedom. It’s certainly a way to isolate myself from Humans because they simply fascinate me. I love looking at them, every move, every details, every words they are saying. Then I consider each of those in the society, who are they, what are they doing… But quickly I consider the masses I wanna understand why people in groups/society do that, how, and why they choose this direction. In “Immaculate” my series of a business area, what shocked me is this neighborhood living just for a system and when at night this system don’t need Humans to activate it, the neighborhood dies. There is absolutely no love, no happiness, no sadness, there is just nothing. It’s places where beauties of the human beings are gone.

There is also those moments, the most intense photographs moment was certainly when I discovered the scene of the photograph I did on the road (n°5 of the series Immaculate). There was this amazing but incredible chills that couldn’t stop when I saw the scene, then I settled myself, put the timer on I run down some stairs, jump the barrier and went on the road naked to place my body with this intense adrenalin and this deep need that brought me here. When I was on the floor. I felt in peace. A deep silent peace. like if i was in a long and suspended moment of time. When it’s done, you realize and there is this intense euphoria that came in, that make you chills, again.

This melting pot of feelings was the most intense living moment I ever got.

Regarding how he accomplished these two projects,

I’m on my own, alone always, at least for those two series. I walk, waiting for the moment where I’ll chill and feel something so strong that will make me stop, I know the photograph will take place there. I settle the camera, the timer that sometimes goes up to 10 minutes. The need is here, I get naked, and I run, down some stairs, or cliffs, or in the snow. It’s cold and painful, but I don’t feel it anymore. I enjoy it. I feel this incredible euphoria mixed with adrenalin. An intense energy, comes in, I feel in peace. Feeling like suspended.

For the rest of these incredible images, check out Brulat’s website:

Ruben Brulat (via City of Skies)

Image credits: All images used with permission by Ruben Brulat

  • *safe solvent™

    > Absolutely brilliant work. Love the impossibly-far-from-the-camera ones… mine ( don't feel that impressive anymore!


    Fantastic work! It must have been very cold for the models!

  • jackmackenna
  • Kismet Nakai

    I get all the pictures except the last one? Position of camera?? and is that a lake frozen over?
    I love the series- exceptional work.

  • Bergur

    Such intense photography! Wonderful to see such passion in someone this young

  • tiffany lopez

    wow! absolutely mesmerizing. i just got into photography and i have yet to see where it takes me. hopefully one day i can be this awesome <3

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  • jac velasco

    this is soooo aweseome!!!!

  • Jingz

    wow!! these are amazing and making me speechless.

  • angelconde

    Great pictures, great idea to put a nudity and a landscape in the same picture.

  • angelconde

    Great pictures, great idea to put a nudity and a landscape in the same picture.