Playing 3rd Wheel to a Camera: 6 Tips for Partners of Photographers

The sky was still dark when we left our lodgings in northeast England. My husband, photographer Luke Collins, carefully drove the narrow hedge-lined roads. I closed my eyes for a few more precious moments of sleep. “Why am I doing this?” I wondered.

What I Learned Photographing A Wedding Season with My Wife

My wife is superhuman. Let’s just start there. Most people don't have the honor of witnessing their partner or spouse doing their work, day-in and day-out. This year, however, I did. I got to shoot with my wife, an award-winning wedding photographer.

A Photographer’s Portraits of His Wife Over 40+ Years

42 years ago, photographer Frank Gross said "I do" to his wife Helene. Since that day, through the ups and downs of his photographic career, Gross consistently pointed his camera at his wife and family, creating beautiful portraits that span over 4 decades of his family's life together.

Frank has collected a number of those portraits together to create a project titled "Helene." It's an ongoing series that tells the story of Helene's life through "broad strokes."

The Battle We Didn’t Choose: Capturing My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer

Warning: This article contains powerful and emotional content that may be difficult to view

I knew the first minute I saw Jennifer that she was the one. Jen was beautiful and the kind of person that everyone wants in their life: she listened, and when you talked with her you felt like you were the only person who mattered. 

A few months later I finally worked up the courage to ask Jen out, telling her, "I have a crush on you." At the time Jen was living in New York and I was in Cleveland. We talked on the phone for hours and wanted to know everything about each other; after 6 months of long distance dating I moved to New York.