Marketing vs. Reality: 10 Memory Cards Tested for Real-World Speed

High-speed memory cards can be pricey, so you want to know that you’re getting the performance that you are paying for before you lay down the cash. This 8-minute video from Tom’s Tech Time compares 10 microSD cards for their read/write performance, and the results show that the numbers used in marketing cannot always be trusted.

Warning: Watch Out for Fake Memory Cards on eBay

Always buy your memory cards from reputable sources. Go for a "sweet deal" through a place like eBay, and you could be in for a lot of pain and embarrassment.

Case in point: Virginia Beach photographer Bryan Myhr tells us he recently purchased what he thought was a 64GB Transcend SD card from an eBay seller. Only after the card corrupted the first time he used it did he realize that something was very wrong.

Transcend Planning to Manufacture Copy Protected SD and microSD Cards

Copy protection and data encryption are standard in most storage media, but you don't often hear of copy protection as it pertains to memory cards. Although all SD cards come with a form of DRM copy protection (CPRM), it's rarely used; and something as common as re-formatting the memory card can erase protected sections that are required to make use of the copy protection in the first place.

Other copy-protected memory card options are marketed to/used mainly by companies, and not typical consumers. Seeing this market as an opportunity, Transcend Information recently announced plans to manufacture its own copy-protected SD and microSD cards and a corresponding reader.