Mark Pain Sports Photography

How Skill and Luck Combined to Create Golf’s Most Incredible Photo

Mark Pain is an internationally acclaimed sports photographer with multiple "Sports Photographer of the Year Awards" from the British Press Awards. He has photographed many of the world's most incredible sporting events during his decades of work, including having shot the Ryder Cup, professional golf's premier team competition.

Pro Tip: Never Ask a Professional Golfer to ‘Aim for the Camera’

Back in the mid 2000s, when Tiger Woods was the number two player in the world (and about to embark on a 281-week number one run such as has never been seen again), he was part of a Nike commercial shot by director Frank Todaro. In a fit of inspiration, Todaro asked Woods to "go ahead and aim for the camera" -- and much to the camera's disappointment, Woods did.

Photog Captures Evidence that He Was Struck by Tiger Woods’ Ball

A fun story over the weekend was the crazy photograph that Mail on Sunday photographer Mark Pain captured while covering the Ryder Cup. Tiger Woods was attempting a chip shot, and launched he ball directly at Ryder, who had his camera up to his face. Without flinching, Pain snapped the above photo moments before the ball struck his camera, bounced off his chest, and landed at his feet.