Viral: Zookeepers Are Recreating Chris Pratt’s Pose in Jurassic World

There's a new viral photo fad that's sweeping the world in the wake of Jurassic World's blockbuster opening. One of the heavily publicized scenes from the film shows actor Chris Pratt with a few dinosaurs inside an enclosure. Now real-life zookeepers (and ordinary folk) at major zoos around the world are doing their best to recreate that shot in humorous parody photos.

Baby Mugging: Using Forced Perspective to Photograph Your Baby ‘Inside’ a Cup

Photo memes don't have much of a shelf life these days. Case in point: the cat beard meme that we shared with you just a couple of weeks ago has already been replaced by the next photo fad to sweep the Instagram nation. This one's called Baby Mugging, and it involves using forced perspective photography to make it look like your baby or toddler is hanging out inside your coffee mug.

Latest Photo Fad Involves Photographing Your Cat as Your Beard

Need a chuckle? Look no further than the latest bizarre photo fad to sweep across the Internet. Called "Cat Beard," the meme involves shooting a self-portrait with your face above a cat's head. If you can nail the right perspective, you get a humorous photograph that looks like you have a strange beard covering your face (and a frown as well).

Faking Anime Fight Scenes is Emerging As a Fun Photo Fad in Japan

There's a humorous new photography meme emerging from Japan. Students in the country are shooting photos that look like they're 'Kamehameha' scenes from the popular manga and anime franchise Dragon Ball.

In each shot, one participant poses as a character exploding with energy, while one or more other subjects pretends to be blown away by the force of the blast. As with all of the popular memes that have emerged in recent years, participants are jumping onboard by shooting their own photos and then sharing them on the web.