BTS with Kirsty Mitchell as She Begins the Final Chapter of Her Wonderland Series

We first shared the jaw-dropping fairytale photographs that make up Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland series in May of 2012, some three years after she began her journey and just as her work was going so viral online that her reply to our request to feature her work was a "yes" followed by a "thank goodness I upgraded my servers!"

Now, four and a half years after she began Wonderland as a tribute to her mother who had recently passed away, she has officially embarked on what she is calling the final chapter in her Wonderland series.

Kirsty Mitchell’s Fairytale Wonderland

If you haven't seen Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland series yet, then you're bound to start running into it everywhere. Inspired by the fairytales her late mother used to tell her before she passed, the series wasn't actually shot in exotic locations. In fact, some of the photos took months of planning to get right.