Explorer new tripod range

Explorer is a New Photo and Video Tripod Company

Explorer is a Australian-based photo and video accessory brand that is newly available in North America. It is debuting 12 products in its tripod range, all of which it says are designed by photographers, for photographers.

There are 6 Photographer ‘Types’: Which One are You?

Sitting with a group of picture-takers last night, it dawned on me that even though all of us call ourselves “photographers,” so much of what we care about, the way we shoot, the very core of what we like about taking pictures, is distinct — almost to the point of us having little useful to share.

wikiview is a Powerful Photo Browser for Exploring Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons has millions of public domain and freely-licensed photos available to the world, and now there's a powerful new tool that helps you dive into the ocean of imagery for exploring or locating exactly what you're looking for. It's called wikiview, and it's a graph-based visual image navigator.

Cambridge Looks to Save ‘Lost’ Negatives from Antarctic Expedition

Led by Captain Robert Scott, a team of scientists and their journey photographer, Herbert Ponting, made a polar expedition to Antarctica in 1911. Currently, The Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge (a sub-division of Cambridge) holds all of Ponting's resulting negatives from this journey, as well as a collection of photographic work from the other scientists along for the exploration.

There is still, however, a piece (or pieces, rather) of the collection missing. That piece includes 113 'lost' images taken by expedition leader Captain Scott, with a little bit of camera help from Ponting.