A top-view image of various tech gadgets on a colorful, geometric surface. Visible items include a laptop, a tablet displaying a vibrant animation, a smartphone, an Apple Watch, and a stylus. The background has sections in blue, yellow, and orange shades.

The New 15.4-inch Ugee UE16 Display Tablet Costs Only $199

Drawing monitors, sometimes known as display or pen tablets, are excellent tools for photographers, enabling convenient and precise photo editing. There's no shortage of good options, and Ugee's new 15.4-inch UE16 Drawing Monitor stands out thanks to its expansive color gamut, large display, lightweight design, and palatable $199 price.

Turn Your iPad Into a Drawing Tablet: Sidecar vs Astropad vs Duet vs Luna

If you own an iPad and an Apple Pencil, there are several ways to pair them with your computer and transform them into a high-quality drawing tablet for photo editing. There's Apple's own Sidecar feature, the popular app Astropad, the hardware-assisted option Luna Display, and the "made by ex-Apple engineers" Duet Pro. I wanted to see which of these options offers the most features and the best experience for the photographer on the go.

Astropad Now Supports Using an iPad as a Drawing Tablet on Windows

Astropad has been offering multiple ways to connect and use an iPad with an Apple computer for some time, but today it has announced that it is bringing this functionality to Windows machines as well. Called Project Blue, it allows you to mirror your Windows desktop or use an iPad as a drawing tablet.

New Company Xencelabs Challenges Wacom with Debut Pen Tablet

Newcomer Xencelabs has announced a new pen tablet that aims to meld affordable pricing and excellent user experience into one device. The Xencelabs tablet is devoid of unnecessary buttons but gives the option to add-on a multi-function remote accessory with 40 customizable shortcuts per application.