NY Daily News Cuts All Photographers

The New York Daily News slashed its editorial staff in half this week, and among the casualties of the layoffs was the entire team of photographers. The paper, which called itself "New York's Picture Newspaper" for over 70 years, now has zero staff photographers.

News Corp to Axe Most Photography Jobs in Australia

Sad news in the photo industry today: Australia's biggest newspaper company, News Corp, has announced that it will be gutting its photography departments at newspapers across the country, axing most of its staff photographer and subeditor positions in an effort to cut costs.

Another One Bites the Dust: Kodak to Scratch Consumer Printers From Roster

Kodak divisions are falling left and right as the company struggles to claw its way out of bankruptcy protection. After killing off its camera business and selling off its film business earlier this year, Kodak announced today that it will shortly be pulling out of the consumer printing business in order to focus on commercial printing.

Sad News: Fujifilm Cuts a Number of Films from Its Lineup

Things aren't look very bright in the world of film. Citing plummeting consumer demand for silver halide films, Fujifilm has announced that they're cutting a number of films in the lineup in order to ensure that production of films -- presumably the more popular ones -- will continue. They've already stopped producing the discontinued films, so you might want to grab some rolls and freeze them before they become extinct...