Taylor Swift Sony RX10 IV

Taylor Swift Fan Found a Clever Way to Bypass Eras Tour Camera Rules

Taylor Swift's Eras tour has been an absolute smash hit, with attendance at each show averaging more than 72,000 fans. With nearly 70 shows on the docket throughout North America and ticket prices averaging nearly $500, ticket sales alone could eclipse $2 billion per CNN. Unsurprisingly, many fans want to take high-quality photos and videos at the shows.

Ricoh’s New Pentax XG-1 is an Entry Level Superzoom with Some Speedy Specs

Photo bogs are always speculating what the next 'megapixel war' will be. For high-end cameras, it seems the answer to that question is the high ISO war, but for the entry-level shooters, an argument could be made for a 'burst mode war.'

Case in point, Ricoh just debuted the Pentax XG-1: a new entry-level superzoom that packs in some serious speed and reach, while hobbling the camera in other areas.

Sony Takes the Bridge Camera Bar to New Heights with Crazy 63x Superzoom at CP+

Canon wasn't the only one to food our inbox last night, and not even the announcements we were most anxious for. Sony also made some exciting announcements, including a refresh to its Cybershot line that includes three new superzooms and two new point-and-shoots.

Oh, and we should probably mention that one of those superzooms is the world's first bridge camera to feature a 63x optical zoom lens.

Fujifilm XS-1 Official: A Bridge Camera with Massive 26x Zoom

Fujifilm officially unveiled the XS-1 today after details and photos of the camera first appeared last month. Unlike the X100 and X10, the XS-1 isn't a rangefinger-esque mirrorless camera but is instead a beastly bridge camera. The camera packs the same 12-megapixel 2/3-inch sensor as the X10, and features a 26x zoom lens that's the 35mm equivalent of a 24-624mm lens. As if that range wasn't enough, they also decided to include a macro mode that allows the camera to focus from just 1cm away.