Andrew Budziak

New Series Focuses on the Uniqueness of Urban Wildlife Photography

Toronto-based wildlife photographer Andrew Budziak has launched a new video series, "Edge of Frame," focusing on urban wildlife across Canada. The series is made in conjunction with Narcity and will feature six episodes, each focusing on a specific urban critter that calls a Canadian city home.

My Photo Shoot with Mike Tyson

Every so often a photo shoot comes along that both excites you and terrifies you at the same time. Today’s article is about one such experience.

Capturing Both the Crescent Moon and ‘Earthshine’ in One Image

This is something I’ve been wanting to attempt for a while, but the skies have not be clear enough to do so. Iowa skies in fact have been almost constantly cloudy of late – or a least when one wants to shoot the moon.

Hanging Out with the Photographer of Beyonce’s ‘Diamonds’ Album Cover

YouTube star Karen Yeung recently visited photographer Markus Klinko, the international celebrity photographer who, among other things, captured the famous "diamond" portrait of Beyonce for the cover of her album Dangerously in Love. Yeung posed for similar portraits and then chatted with Klinko about the well-known Beyonce photos.

Amanda Marie Ellison: The Smoking Girl in Mary Ellen Mark’s Famous Photo

In 1990, the late American photographer Mary Ellen Mark captured a photo titled "Amanda and her Cousin Amy," which showed a 9-year-old girl named Amanda smoking a cigarette while standing in a swimming pool with her 8-year-old cousin, Amy. It's a striking photo that became one of Mark's most famous works, but have you ever wondered what became of the two girls?