The Best Camera Bags and Backpacks in 2022

The Best Camera Bags and Backpacks in 2024

A photographer's camera bag is the unsung hero of the working professional. Without it, photographers simply could not do their jobs. But for as many good bags out there, there are hundreds of bad ones. Let's sift through that noise.

BAQPA Aggregates Backpack Recommendations From 10K+ Sources

To help buyers navigate the messy backpack landscape, a group of Reddit users has built a service called BAQPA that collects backpack recommendations from across the internet, filters and aggregates them, and then presents summarized results in a short and easy-to-read form with an overall rating.

The Xcube Backpack Protects Your Gear with ‘Space Material Tech’

It seems like we get a new backpack promising to change the backpack paradigm on a near-monthly basis – and it's entirely possible that is an unreachable aspiration – but the Xcube isn't making such highfalutin promises in its Kickstarter. Instead, it sticks to just the facts about its modular pack and for photographers, what they're offering might be extremely appealing.