BAQPA Aggregates Backpack Recommendations From 10K+ Sources

To help buyers navigate the messy backpack landscape, a group of Reddit users has built a service called BAQPA that collects backpack recommendations from across the internet, filters and aggregates them, and then presents summarized results in a short and easy-to-read form with an overall rating.

The team behind this project decided to start it because of their own struggles finding the right backpacks for their own needs. Commuting to work or school, planning a cross-country camping trip, or even just loading gear up for a project, choosing the right bag is crucial. Photographers are no doubt familiar with the heated exchanges behind what backpack is best or what will work for most people. Most will spend hours researching reviews that can sometimes feel biased or overly positive despite what others may see as glaring flaws.

To get around this, the team behind BAQPA decided that the best reviews would come from users themselves as well as official media sources. Thus the BAQPA project was born.

To make product research less complicated, less convoluted, and definitely faster, the site collects and analyzes the reviews from sites like Amazon, Reddit, various websites, and even YouTube, searches for quality, keywords, sentiment, and “fake detection” information, and compresses all that data using the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies like GPT-3 and BERT to deliver concise summaries with recommendations on the products. There are even sections for important or frequentlu asked questions and answers about the bags that are listed.

“By understanding what the internet thinks of products, we help consumers to find the right product for them,” the developers say.

According to the project website, the team plans on expanding the project to include a community for backpack enthusiasts to ask questions and discuss the features of the various bags. As for the bag review analysis, the team says they are continuously improving the system to spot discrepancies and contradictions through the various review, filter out paid promotions and fakes, and they also plan to add more filters for search criteria requirements like airline compatibility, warranties, sizes, colors, current availability, and even gender-based designs.

Thoes interested can search through the available backpack reviews and ratings on BAQPA.