WANDRD Unveils Extremely Versatile New Adventure Bag for Photographers

The folks over at WANDRD—the bag maker who burst onto the scene a five years ago with the PRVKE—are back with another blockbuster campaign on Kickstarter. Their latest backpack is called the FERNWEH: an "adventure bag" for photographers that tries to balance comfort, access and versatility.

Backpacking the World with a 500mm Prime Lens

6 months ago, my girlfriend and I finally did what we had always dreamed of doing: quitting our jobs and traveling the world. This is a relatively normal narrative for western couples in their 20s, but the difference here is I am a passionate wildlife photographer.

I Quit My Job and Spent 3 Years Visiting 60 Countries with My Camera

Sometime during 2010, I began dreaming of quitting my job and traveling around Asia for a year before returning to the work force. I had graduated from college during the global recession back in 2008 and got stuck in a job that I never intended to stay at for long.

So I started saving up as much as I could, sold most of my belongings, and even lived in the building I worked in for a few months. When I finally left on a plane in Sept 2011, I had no idea that I would end up traveling for three years to sixty countries.