How to Improve Your Photography Workflow with AI Software

As a photographer, you know that streamlining your photography workflow is the best way to save valuable time.

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to optimize your workflow is to use AI-powered culling and editing software to speed up those tedious processes.

A well-planned workflow allows you to manage your photos efficiently, making it easier to locate specific files, sort and select images, and edit them with ease.

Full disclosure: This sponsored article was brought to you by Aftershoot.

In this article, we will discuss how you can improve your photography workflow with AI software, specifically focusing on Aftershoot, the industry’s most positively reviewed AI-powered culling and editing tool.

How AI Software Can Enhance Your Photography Workflow

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way photographers edit images.

By using AI-powered software, you can spend less time manually culling and editing your images and more time focusing on important aspects of your business, honing your craft, or spending time with loved ones.

AI-powered software can automatically analyze images, make selections, detect features such as brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, and more, and make adjustments based on your editing preferences.

Aftershoot’s AI software does all of the above. It assists photographers in selecting the best images from a shoot and then automatically editing the selections – all within a matter of minutes.

Overall, AI software has become an essential tool for photographers looking to optimize their workflow.

With its ability to analyze, cull, and edit images, it will help you save time, work more efficiently, and produce high-quality images.

Streamline Your Photography Workflow with Aftershoot

Aftershoot is a leading AI-powered culling and editing tool that help photographers streamline their workflows.

Its intuitive interface and powerful AI algorithms make it fast and effortless to manage and edit images.

Aftershoot’s features include AI-powered culling, where the software selects the best images to edit based on specific criteria such as sharpness, focus, duplicates, closed eyes, and blinks.

Aftershoot’s culling feature is also customizable, allowing photographers to adjust the criteria based on their needs and preferences.

For example, a portrait photographer may prefer images that are sharp and have good skin tones, while a landscape photographer may prefer images with good exposure and color balance.

Since its launch in 2020, Aftershoot has already saved thousands of hours for photographers by assisting in selecting the best images from their catalogs.

In addition to AI-powered culling, Aftershoot also offers an AI-powered editing feature that has proven extremely accurate when replicating your personal editing style in the edits it makes for you.

To make use of the editing software, you’ll need to create an AI Profile by uploading at least 2,500 of your previously edited images from your Lightroom Catalogs to the Aftershoot app.

The AI then begins learning your preferred editing style. Once training is complete, it uses what it has learned to replicate your adjustments onto any unedited images that you add for AI editing.

Features of the editing function include automated cropping and straightening, adjustments for brightness, tone curves, exposure, vibrance, and more.

Dive deeper into how Aftershoot EDITS works and learn how to build and optimize your AI Profile for the best editing results.

Aftershoot CULL and Aftershoot EDITS are two standalone products, but what makes them most effective is that they are integrated with one another in the single Aftershoot app.

To top it off, the Aftershoot app works offline on macOS and Windows so that you can run the AI culling and editing software anywhere, at any time.

Aftershoot EDITS is currently in the free public beta phase, meaning it’s free to use for all Aftershoot subscribers until the unveiling of the final pricing.

Not to worry, Aftershoot will keep the pricing structure flat – similar to how Aftershoot CULL is priced – and will allow unlimited images and edits.

Integrate AI Into Your Photography Workflow

AI-powered software has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach photography, and it’s already happening!

Integrating AI into your photography workflow will help you save massive amounts of time and still produce high-quality images, only with less effort.

By using AI-powered culling and editing software, you can streamline one of the most time-consuming and tedious parts of your workflow.

Aftershoot offers double the benefits by giving you automated culling and editing in one convenient and user-friendly application.

Try the leading AI-powered culling and editing tool on the market, with its advanced algorithms, ease of use, and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Full disclosure: This sponsored article was brought to you by Aftershoot.