Aftershoot EDITS Uses AI Editing Software to Supercharge Your Post-shoot Workflow

You may recognize Aftershoot as one of the leading AI culling apps on the market. Now, Aftershoot is revving up its mission to streamline the entire post-shoot workflow for photographers with its AI editing software, Aftershoot EDITS.

Full disclosure: This sponsored article was brought to you by Aftershoot.

Following the announcement of its private beta release earlier this year, Aftershoot EDITS is now available to all Aftershoot users, free of charge for a limited time.

Powered by artificial intelligence, this AI editing software automates and speeds up the editing workflow without compromising a photographer’s unique editing style.

How? By creating personalized AI Profiles for its users.

The AI photo editor uses flexible intelligence that learns from your past edits. After uploading previously edited photos from your Lightroom Catalog, the AI analyzes your editing style and learns from it.

Aftershoot EDITS uses the data from your previous edits to create your AI Profile. Then, it replicates what it has learned onto your unedited photos when you run them through the editor.

Users can have as many as 5 different AI Profiles. This is especially useful if you do a variety of shoots, such as landscapes, portraits, and weddings. You can have a dedicated AI Profile that matches your editing preferences in terms of different lighting, subjects, and scenes.

So, what exactly can this AI editing software do?

Aftershoot EDITS automatically straightens and crops your images. It also adjusts white balance, tones, vibrance, saturation, exposure, HSL, highlights, and shadows.

And it doesn’t just edit photos for you; it does so with great speed. It can edit 1,000 photos in less than a minute!

Take a closer look at how EDITS works in this video.

How accurately does it copy your editing style?

Aftershoot EDITS claims to be 90%+ accurate in replicating your editing style, and if you’re not entirely satisfied with the outcome, you still retain full control to make any further adjustments.

The more edited photos you upload from Lightroom when training your AI Profile, the more accurate the software will become. Remember, it’s learning from your edits alone; so you’re in control of how well you train it.

The app is hands-on and user-centric, meaning you can fine-tune how you would like to use it. Even if you prefer to have full control of your edits, the software offers a terrific head-start to help speed up your editing workflow.

You can make fine-tuning adjustments during every step of Aftershoot’s Culling and Editing processes if there is something you want to change. Alternatively, you can let Aftershoot apply metadata to your images, and it will show up in Lightroom as star rankings and color labels, also showing which color corrections have been applied.

You don’t need an internet connection to speed up your editing workflow

One of the great perks of using Aftershoot to cull and edit your photos is that this software comes in the form of a desktop application for macOS and Windows.

It works without an internet connection and stores your data locally, making it both a convenient and secure platform.

You will however need to be connected to the internet for your initial Lightroom Catalog upload when building your AI Profile in EDITS. After that, you can run the editor offline.

Aftershoot EDITS offers unlimited photo edits

This AI editing software gives photographers endless opportunities for growth in their business and portfolio with no limit to how many photos they can edit.

But of all the perks of using AI-powered software to cull and edit your photos, the best by far is the amount of time it saves.

Now, instead of spending hours on the most tedious part of your photography workflow, you can focus on the creative aspects of your business, booking clients, actual shoots, and spending more time with your loved ones.

Aftershoot is already saving countless photographers hours of their time with AI Culling. The image below is just a snapshot of some power users running their workflow with it. And now, with EDITS integrated, it will at least double that.

Get started with Aftershoot EDITS

Although Aftershoot EDITS is a standalone product, it is now included in all Aftershoot subscriptions along with CULL. Both features can be accessed in Aftershoot’s one workflow-optimizing app.

Aftershoot EDITS has been made available free of charge for the time being. The final pricing has not been released yet, but the company promises it will be a fixed monthly or yearly fee, similar to their Culling pricing model.

Aftershoot also offers a free 30-day trial on their CULL product, with Aftershoot Pro.

Try Aftershoot EDITS or learn more about how Aftershoot supercharges your post-shoot workflow.

Full disclosure: This sponsored article was brought to you by Aftershoot.