Drone Photographer Captures Epic Photos of Indonesia’s Volcanoes

Drone photographer Daniel Haussmann loves capturing epic views of volcanoes so Indonesia is a natural draw given that it is home to some of the most active and famous volcanoes in the world.

Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the country’s volcanic arc stretches from Sumatra in the west to the Banda Sea in the east. After capturing volcanoes in Iceland, Haussmann recently traveled to the Southeast Asian country with his drones.

“I had Indonesia long on my agenda,” he tells PetaPixel. “Mainly because I fell in love with volcanoes. So naturally going to Indonesia with its many volcanoes was something I always wanted to do.”

Aerial view of a volcanic crater filled with turquoise water, partially shrouded in mist and clouds. Brown and green vegetation surrounds the caldera's steep rocky slopes. The cloudy sky adds a dramatic effect to the scene.

Aerial view of rugged, eroded mountain terrain with deep crevices and ridges. The landscape reveals a mix of grayish-white rock formations with sparse patches of green vegetation, illustrating striking geological features and textures.

A panoramic aerial view of Komodo Island in Indonesia showcases rugged hills, turquoise waters, and curving sandy beaches surrounded by smaller islands scattered across the vast ocean. The landscape is a blend of greenery and rocky terrain under a partly cloudy sky.

Aerial view of a cluster of traditional conical thatched-roof huts surrounded by lush green vegetation. The huts are dispersed on a grassy clearing amid densely forested hills under a golden, sunlit sky. A few modern buildings are also visible.

Not all countries are happy about drones being brought across the border but Indonesia is fairly relaxed which proved to be another draw for Haussmann.

“The goal was to do a drone trip 100% focused on drone filming. Both FPV and classic video and photography drone work,” he explains.

“This comes with the usual caveats of getting up early (sometimes leaving the hotel as early as midnight) and also the occasional need for some longer hiking. So sleep schedules were shifted in order to get the maximum out of the trip.”

Aerial view of Mount Bromo in Indonesia, with its prominent volcanic crater surrounded by a sea of clouds. In the background, Mount Semeru emits a plume of smoke. The landscape is bathed in soft sunlight, highlighting the green and brown hues of the terrain.

Aerial view of expansive agricultural fields arranged in a radial pattern. The fields are bright green and yellow, indicating varying stages of growth. Shadowy patches are present, possibly from passing clouds. The landscape is divided into numerous segments.

A breathtaking aerial view of Mount Bromo in Indonesia during sunrise, with its smoke plume rising and a sea of clouds surrounding its caldera. In the background, the silhouette of the more distant Mount Semeru adds depth to the serene landscape.

A panoramic aerial view of a rugged coastline with several bays and rocky hills extending into the sea. The landscape features verdant patches amidst brown terrains, surrounded by turquoise waters. Multiple boats are anchored near the coastlines, and distant islands are visible.

Indonesia is an enormous archipelagic nation so going to all the places Haussmann wanted to photograph was challenging and required meticulous planning.

“I decided to go to Anak Krakatau due to its proximity to our entry point Jakarta and the explosive and interesting history of this volcano,” he says.

“Then we moved on to the classic east Java Bromo, Kawa Ijen and Tumpak Sewu locations. Ending the trip in Flores Island with the highlights being the ancient Wae Rebo village, Kelimutu volcano, and the Komodo National Park with Padar Island and the Komodo Dragons as highlights.”

Close-up of a Komodo dragon resting on a rocky ground with a lush tree and foliage in the background. The lizard is facing sideways, showcasing its textured skin and rugged surroundings. The environment appears to be a natural, shaded area.

Aerial view of three boats floating on crystal-clear turquoise water. The vibrant water reveals patches of seaweed and sand below. The boats are spread out, each casting a small shadow on the shimmering surface. The scene is serene and picturesque.

A breathtaking waterfall cascades down a lush, green cliff surrounded by dense forest. In the distance, a misty mountain rises into a hazy sky. The scene is serene and vibrant with natural beauty, showcasing the harmonious blend of water, forest, and mountain.

A breathtaking aerial view showcases a sunlit crater lake surrounded by rugged mountains. The golden hues of a sunrise cast a warm glow over the landscape, with scattered clouds adding a misty effect to the scene.

A person stands on a rocky mountain ledge wearing a virtual reality headset and holding a controller. They are dressed in a black t-shirt and brown pants, with scenic hills, water, and cloudy skies in the background.
Haussmann flying his FPV drone in Indonesia. | Photo by Michael Abel.

To cover that much ground, Haussmann had to book multiple flights, make long drives, and stay in basic accommodation where unwanted guests such as cockroaches, snails, or mice were to be expected.

He brought with him two FPV drones (DJI with GoPros attached) as well as two DJI Mavic 3 drones. The double drone packing was in case something went wrong and Haussmann needed a replacement part.

“The weather is challenging, too. With humidity and even rain in higher altitudes. And really hot 86 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (30 to 35 degrees Celcius) in other places,” he says.

“Dust also posed a challenge and was responsible for the temporary death of my FPV goggles that due to volcanic dust and humidity the next day, died mid-flight. Although with a bit of luck, I brought the FPV drone back.”

A breathtaking aerial view shows a powerful waterfall cascading down a steep, lush green cliff. Surrounded by dense tropical foliage, the waterfall rushes into a rocky base below, continuing to flow through a verdant forest landscape.

Aerial view of Mount Bromo in Indonesia, with its prominent volcanic crater surrounded by a sea of clouds. In the background, Mount Semeru emits a plume of smoke. The landscape is bathed in soft sunlight, highlighting the green and brown hues of the terrain.

A breathtaking aerial view of a deep, lush green valley with multiple cascading waterfalls. The sunlight glows on the verdant vegetation around the falls, creating a dreamy mist as the water plunges into the basin below.

Haussmann says he is “super happy” with the results from his trip but says there is still much of Indonesia to explore.

For more from Haussmann, check out his Instagram and website.

Image credits: Photos by Daniel Haussmann.